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4 Corners Cannabis: Highest Grade CBD Oil Tinctures, Salves and Vape Products

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4 corners cannabis

To say that CBD Oil is a hot trending topic right now is quite an understatement. In recent years, the CBD industry has grown at such a tremendous pace that experts at Brightfield Group predicts it could be worth $22 billion come 2022. However, what is concerning is that the industry remains highly unregulated. With the rise in popularity of CBD, expect more and more companies to enter the industry.

One such CBD company that has been generating a lot of attention since its inception in 2013 is 4 Corners Cannabis. The company claims that their products which contain 16% CBD, clone only Maat cultivar is second to none in the hemp industry. However, their claim is not backed up by scientific evidence, which makes it sound a little bit farfetched.

In truth, there are many CBD companies that like to make bold claims about their products so as to try and separate themselves from the competition. For example, they can claim that their CBD products are 100 times more effective than their rivals or a cure for every chronic pain and disease. Unless they have proof to back these up, it is best you remain skeptical about their products. In terms of honesty and transparency, in all honesty, 4 Corners Cannabis is different from its competitors. This company clearly explains what its products can do, what conditions they cannot alleviate, and where they should not be used.

What Exactly is 4 Corners Cannabis?

4 Corners Cannabis is a CBD company that is based in Colorado, US. The company has been in existence since it was founded back in 2013. What makes this company different from its rivals is the fact that they grow their own hemp. This means that the company has full control over its production, from seed to oil product.

Most CBD companies hire third-party suppliers for harvesting and CBD extracts. The problem with this process is that it compromises the quality of their products, leading to inferior quality CBD oils. 4 Corners Cannabis, on the other hand, does everything themselves, utilizing scientific data, knowledge, and genetics. This company organically grows their plants, making them genetically unique from other cannabis plants. This ensures they maintain essential ingredients and maximize on potency.

4 Corners Cannabis Products

CBD Oral Tincture

This is the most popular product offered by the company. The CBD Oral Tincture uses a carrier oil known as MCT coconut oil, which is thought to have health benefits such as energy boosting and brain-boosting properties. This product also contains a natural orange extract called Limonene. In case you are looking for a product that offers relief from a wide range of ailments such as pain, anxiety, and sleep problems, then this is the right product to use. Cannabis Tincture is available in three sizes; 250 mg, 500 mg, and 1000 mg.

Avocado Oil Tincture

Another wonderful CBD oil tincture variety offered by the company is the Avacado Oil Tincture. This product contains two ingredients namely CBD oil and avocado oil. The Avocado Oil Tincture is available in a 1000 mg, 30 ml bottle and is supposed to be consumed orally.

Vape Liquid

Vaping is considered by many as the best method to consume CBD quickly. The Vape Liquid is supposed to be taken with a vape gear, but it can also be consumed orally. It is available in 250 mg, 500 mg, and 1000 mg bottles.

Pedigree (Cannabis Pet Care)

The Pedigree product line is specifically designed for your pets. Just add a drop of the CBD oil on your pet’s food and wait for the effects to kick in. You can give this product to cats, dogs, horses, and cattle to help boost energy or ease pain during transportation.

Benefits of 4 Corners Cannabis product

  • Seed to end product control: The company not only produce high-quality CBD dominant products but also are involved in the whole production process, from seed sprouting to end product.
  • Third party lab testing: When you check their website, you will find an updated third-party lab testing results. Lab results for all their products are made available to the general public.
  • Ethical extraction techniques: The company argues that other extraction techniques deteriorate the quality of the end product. Hence, they use ethical extraction techniques that involve the use of organic food grade ethanol that preserves terpenes and cannabinoids found in CBD plants.

4 Corners Cannabis Review Summary

One of the main drawbacks of 4 Corners Cannabis is the high price of their CBD products. In this economy, it is expensive for someone to buy 1000 mg of CBD for $200. Unsurprisingly, you will find competitors selling the same bottle of tincture at half the price. But with this company, you will get value for your money. Their products have up to date Certificate of Analysis and beside the minimal THC, they also contain CBN, CBG, CBL, CBD, and terpenes. Therefore, consumers will get more than just the usual CBD when you buy their products.

The COR CBD Reviewers team embodies research-driven dedication by delivering finely-churned and freshly-minted reviews of cannabidiol and hemp supplements to help clear customer confusion. As consumers, we only want the best quality as the top priority. As reviewers, we want to dig deep into the company and product line and design in-depth deep dives for examining a brand's history, ingredient sourcing, purity origins, taste, customer service, shipping support, return refund policy, pricing and third-party lab results.

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