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Wake & Bake Cannabis Edible Recipes For Better Health: Coach And Cookbooks

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wake bake cannabis recipes for better health

Wake + Bake is a website that allows consumers to learn how to cook with the use of cannabis in their recipes. The website features an online store for recipe books, but primarily promotes the online blog.

What Is Wake & Bake?

The legalization of marijuana in 10 states for both recreational and medicinal use has been causing quite a stir in the United States lately. While many people are celebrating their freedom to partake in this natural substance, there are actually many other ways to get the benefits. One blogger has turned their cooking passion into a profitable website called Wake + Bake.

Wake + Bake is filled with blogs and articles that offer different recipes that involve cannabis, primarily. However, it also touches on other topics related to cannabis, like the best strains for meditation and yoga, or the best jobs that the cannabis industry offers. It looks like the website is updated fairly frequently, though consumers will find the most popular posts on the homepage.

Consumers can go directly to the recipes by going to the drop-down menu and selecting “Cannabis Recipes.”

About The Creator

Corinne considers herself to be a Functional Cannabis Coach, and she saw cannabis as a way to promote healthier experiences for consumers. After smoking recreationally, she noticed a difference in the pain she experienced since her teenage years and started finding natural solutions for the ailments of her body.

Over time, this eventually led her to establish the Functional Cannabis Coaching Institute to educate others about her experience.

The Wake & Bake Store

In Wake + Bake’s store, there are not any pipes or CBD oils, but there are several recipe books for sale that are compilations of what the creator has posted online. These recipes also include other recipes that have not been published, with some options available for digital download as well, allowing the user to instantly have access to the content.

Presently, the store offers:

  • Dazed + Infused eBook: The Ultimate Healthy Guide to Cannabis Infusions and Dispensary Favorites ($29.99)
  • Wake & Bake: an eBook (digital download) ($14.99)
  • High for the Holidays (Digital Download) ($9.99)

Contacting Wake & Bake

Since Wake + Bake is a blog, there is no phone number to reach out to the creator. However, if there is a question or a comment about the post, consumers can comment and wait for a reply. Consumers that want to speak with Corinne outside of the website can send a message to [email protected]

Wake & Bake Summary

Rather than advertising products or e-books, the Wake + Bake website is all about education. Many consumers in the United States still see cannabis as a stigmatized topic, but a brief view of this website acknowledges the value it holds in medicine. Though there are great strides to go, becoming familiar with the effects of cannabis and all its byproducts are a wonderful way to push towards widespread adoption. For Wake + Bake, this is all a matter of helping society to be healthier.

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