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Utah Department of Agriculture and Food Reminds Retailers to Register Per Hemp and Cannabidiol Act

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Utah Department of Agriculture and Food Reminds Retailers to Register Per Hemp and Cannabidiol Act

In Utah, legislators recently passed the Hemp and Cannabidiol Act, allowing individuals to “cultivate and process industrial hemp if they are licensed by the Department.” Presently, CBD oil is legalized in the state, but retailers of hemp need to remember to follow the rules of the act to avoid further action.

The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food issued a letter, warning retailers of CBD and hemp-related products to get registered. The letter, intended as a warning, said that hemp products have to both be registered with their department, and the product must be labeled adequately. Clearing up any confusion, the official press release from UDAF said,

“Hemp products include, but are not limited to cannabidiol (CBD).”

Part of the registration process is that the products registered must also be tested for potency and must show no other contaminants. Bringing to light the facilities already following the regulations, the letter commented that there are 25 products that have already been registered, as another 200+ products are still being processed for registration.

Considering the fact that some companies have tried to get around this registration requirement, and are still selling unregistered products, the letter includes that there will be penalties for non-compliant retailers. Those penalties could range from a simple citation to the complete destruction of the unregistered product in question.

Ultimately, the best course of action is to simply register the products to avoid any trouble from the UDAF. According to the official website, the primary goal of the authority with the recent passing of the Act is “to create a healthy and successful market for hemp products in Utah.”

Any retailers that still have questions about the product registration process and requirements can visit For additional assistance, email the UDAF directly at [email protected]

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