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Therapeutic Treats: All Natural No-THC Organic Hemp CBD Oil Chocolates?

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Therapeutic Treats

Just picture it out a combination of chocolate and CBD – the 2 items that people love. Yes, we are talking about Therapeutic Treats (or Thera Treats in short form). The company has a mission to make your life better by producing these Thera Treats. It does so through their therapeutic experience, delicious and natural taste.

The product is a combination of chocolate and lip-smacking fruit with CBD. The result is the tastiest and flavorful CBD edible currently.

A Brief History About The Company

In June 2017, Therapeutic Treats launched their site. The company is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Being in the industry barely for a year, they are doing their best to build a reputation as quickly as they could. They seem to have caught up with the trend as they introduced the CBD-rich, premium chocolate bars.

Equally important, the company adheres to the highest standards into preparation and production of the same bars. These Thera Treats is developed on the principles of inspiration and education.

The founders aimed at changing people’s attitudes about CBD, boost healthy healing and alleviate pain. These freshest chocolate bars are their baby step in achieving those objectives.

Why Use The Thera Treats CBD Product?


Thera Treats as a company is committed to two things: transparency and quality. That is why they use organic hemp to extract CBD. More so, the hemp goes through several lab-tests to ensure it is free of bacteria, herbicides, pesticides and other heavy materials.

Looking at the product, it is absolutely cute. The premium artisanal style feels and looks high-end.

Relieves Stress And Unhappiness

This superfood works as some sort of comfort food. It will benefit you if you feel sad and stressed out.

Every bar of the Thera Treats CBD has all the flavor a bar of artisan chocolate can have. Actually, these ones are better than normal chocolates. Reason being that these Thera Treats have enough CBD to sooth pain and stress.


Another plus is that the product ships in a quality package. Moreover, the company wraps every box of CBD chocolate bars with one cooling pack. This means your chocolate will not melt – which is something the company really thought about.


Therapeutic Treats comes in ten different flavors, each with a different name from the other. The best part is that every bar tastes exactly as its name. More so, the richness of every flavor differs from the rest. So, some bars might have stronger flavors than others. Therefore, anyone concerned about flavor should go for a lighter hemp-oil flavor. Some of these 10 flavors include:

• Peach Hazelnut (60 MG CBD Bars)
• Caramel Coconut Drizzle (60 MG CBD Bars)
• Pomegranate Vanilla Bean (60 MG CBD Chocolate)
• White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and Extra-strength Dark Chocolate: each 120 MG CBD chocolate for the three different flavors
• 100 percent Dark Chocolate (60 MG CBD bars)

Ingredients in Thera Treats

Alike, the company uses certified organic and non-GMO ingredients. As for their chocolate, it emanates from The Ecuadorian Rainforest. The outcome, herein, is natural chocolate bars with CBD.

How to use Thera Treats
Luckily Therapeutic Treats come in 10 great, different flavors. The price for each depends on these flavors’ strengths. The two strengths available include:
• 60 MG: costs 24.99 dollars
• 120 MG: costs 34.99 dollars

For every chocolate bar, it has 4 servings. This means if you choose the 60 MG one, you should get 15 MG for every serving. Therefore, you’ll pay around 6.25 dollars for the 15 MG. this price is perfect for such a high-quality CBD chocolate. On the same note, if you order therapeutic treats worth 80 dollars and above, they will be shipped for free. Hence, this is a plus as you will unquestionably save some dollars.

Therapeutic Treat Review Summary

So, after this review, it is clear that this company is on the right track. They have managed to combine premium CBD and quality ingredients with premium chocolate to develop different CBD chocolate bars.

These chocolate bars taste great and really works. If the company improves its brand image and digital presence, Therapeutic Treats could be the top CBD chocolate brands.

Since the company is young and full of energy, just as its product, there’s a lot to hope for. Thus, Thera Treats could be the kind of chocolate bars you’ve been searching for all along.

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