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The Sacred Plant: John Malanca’s Healing Pain Masterclass with Medical Cannabis Secrets

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The Sacred Plant

The Sacred Plant is an electronic set of materials that allows consumers to learn more information about the use of medical cannabis. The only way to purchase this content is on the official website, which has options for a single payment or a three-payment option.

What Is The Sacred Plant?

Pain is an overwhelming sensation, but it gets to an entirely new level when someone has to experience it daily through the most mundane of tasks. Things as simple as walking up the stairs or sitting down become difficult, and no one should have to live like that. Unfortunately, most conditions with any kind of pain come down to two remedies – physical therapy that causes the participants to move more, and pain medications that become highly addictive.

The creators of The Sacred Plant explain that medical cannabis can start for consumers as a recreational experimentation to get their problems. Medical cannabis was not well researched before the last few decades, but John Malanca, the “host and advocate with The Sacred Plant,” believes that this program, will provide solutions for pain management.

The goal of the creators of The Sacred Plan0t is to educate consumers, firstly, about the way that medical cannabis can help them. The program starts with the Masterclass, which is “the first and only comprehensive how-two program that shows you exactly how to treat your pain using medical cannabis.”

There are seven modules involved in this section, which are:

  1. The Basics: What You Need to Know Before Getting Started
  2. Understanding Your Pain and Treatment Options
  3. Deep Dive into Medicine Options and Understanding Quality
  4. Treating Pain from Autoimmune Conditions
  5. Treating Pain from Neurodegenerative Diseases
  6. Treating Pain from Surgeries, Mental Health and More
  7. Next Steps and Tips for Ongoing Success

The whole class offers content in video, audio, and text format digitally, which means that consumers can access the content from literally any device with an internet connection. The program is meant to be easy to follow, along with “all your questions about treating pain with medical cannabis.”

The content says that the doctor associated with their information, Dr. David Bearman, is “one of the most clinically knowledgeable physicians in the U.S. in the field of medical cannabis.” These facts can be backed up on the authentic, official website for the doctor. The program includes seven videos that have already been recorded by Dr. Bearman, discussing the questions that many patients face when opting for cannabis to treat their pain.

The Sacred Plant Bonus Gifts

Even though this is already a lot of content for the user to have access to, the creators provide the user with 12 gifts. Those gifts include:

  • A pre-recorded interview with Dr. David Bearman, which discusses the way that medical cannabis has already helped many patients.
  • Three patient interviews on their pain, which show how medical cannabis has altered their experience
  • Key takeaways and an index of each of the Masterclass modules, acting as a “cheat sheet” of each of the components of the programs
  • A pre-recorded Q&A session (#8) involving John Malanca and Dr. Bearman, discussing the way to find the right dosages and how to access medical cannabis
  • A pre-recorded Q&A session (#9) with the above parties to discuss how to safely use medical cannabis for medical conditions
  • Treating Chronic Pain with Cannabis eBook, which is an easy guide that takes on the use of medical cannabis for joint pain, headaches, back pain, neck pain, and other types of chronic pain
  • Treating Chronic Pain with Cannabis audiobook, to allow consumers to listen wherever they are to the information
  • An additional three bonus reports, which are “Know the Law: A State-by-State Guide to Medical Cannabis,” “What Is CBD Oil?”, and “Hemp vs. Cannabis”

With all of the information available, Malanca believes that the user will never be the same again.

Purchasing The Sacred Plant

The whole Sacred Plant: Healing Pain Masterclass is available for $177, which is $320 off the retail price that it is actually worth. However, consumers can still get 59% off from the original price when they break down the payment into three payments of $67, bringing the total to $201 instead. With the three-payment billing, each one will already be charged 30 days after the next. PayPal is not an available option, because it doesn’t permit payment plans.

All of the materials are delivered electronically, which means that consumers will instantly have complete access to all 7 modules, 7 Q&As, and 12 bonus gifts right after the payment clears.

If the user finds that they do not want to use the program, or that it does not help them in the way that they expected, they have up to 180 days to get a full refund. While the user will not be able to access the main content, the company states that they will still be able to keep the bonus gifts.

Contacting The Creators Of The Sacred Plant

With the substantial changes that The Sacred Plant may make in the user’s life, consumers may want to learn other details before they make the investment. The customer service team can be reached by calling 1-888-202-8702.

Customers also have access to a FAQs section that will provide more elaboration on the content already listed on the website.

The Sacred Plant Summary

The Sacred Plant is educational and helpful to consumers that are wondering if medical cannabis is the right way for them to handle the pain. Though the information is incredibly useful, consumers would need to speak with their doctor to accurately determine if their condition qualifies for a prescription. Consumers that want to start this kind of regimen will need to follow their doctors’ instructions, along with the local laws that determine medical authorization.

The team is a highly-touted and heavily-talented group who prides themselves on being discipline, diligent and dedicated in researching with an attention to detail for providing crystal clear clarity. As a whole, the COR editorial staff intends to uphold a promise in delivering daily cannabis news, CBD Oil hemp supplement reviews and friendly marijuana health guides.

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