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The Fay Farm Healing Hemp Salve: Natural Eczema and Psoriasis Skincare Relief

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Many consumers today are looking to find healthy and natural skin care products. One well-known brand in this niche is The Fay Farm, which is a Washington based firm that is renowned for its top tier skincare products. They have a range of effective natural lotions, together with their widely acclaimed organic healing hemp salve that is great for treating various skin conditions. Learn more about this organic hemp salve here below.

The Fay Farm Story

Michael Yocco and Stacy Anderson are the founders of the Fay Farm. They decided to transition from living in the city to a more balanced and healthier life in the countryside. They relocated from the Bay Area to Whidbey Island, Washington where they set up a farm. Some of the natural ingredients used in their body care products come from that farm. Their products help to treat many skin conditions from psoriasis and eczema to contact dermatitis, burn care and itching skin.

The Organic Healing Hemp Salve

The hemp salve is by far the most effective and popular ointment for people with psoriasis, eczema, bug bites and burns. It works by calming the skin down, healing and rejuvenating the skin. That is because hemp oil is known to have strong cell regenerative and healing properties. The fresh mixture of essential oils, herbs and hemp oil in this salve combines to deliver quick and lasting relief from dry, cracked skin and also for people with eczema.

Features of the Organic Hemp Salve

  • Provides instant relief for psoriasis, eczema and a range of other skin disorders
  • Helps to rejuvenate skin and help deal with cracked heels, burns and dermatitis
  • It also works excellently on athlete’s food and bug bites
  • It can reduce the appearance of scar tissues


What makes this hemp salve stand out is that it is made with 100% natural ingredients. These ingredients include the following; hemp oil, avocado oil, calendula, olive oil, comfrey, chickweed, beeswax, plantain, nettle, yellow dock. The salve also features several essential oils including rosemary, tea tree, geranium and lavender. None of the products that the Fay Farm makes contain alcohol, parabens or phthalates. The use of natural elements means that it is not harsh on your skin, and better effectiveness after application as the positive effects typically show within a week.

Does This Salve Have CBD or THC?

Some of the commonly asked questions about the Fay Farm’s Organic Healing Hemp Salve are whether it has any CBD or THC contents. While it is a hemp product, this salve doesn’t contain any CBD or THC. Fay Farm used industrial hemp to make this salve, which is 100% legal and safe. Whether you are applying it on your arms, legs or even your face, you can relax knowing that you are using a safe, natural product.


  • Organic product
  • Helps with bug bites and burn bites
  • Great skin moisturizer
  • Effective and safe
  • Effective eczema treatment


This Organic Healing Hemp Salve from the Fay Farm company is an excellent product that excels at its job. It is packed with natural and organic ingredients that combine to reduce redness, moisturise skin, promote new cell growth, and it does not contain any harmful, artificial chemicals. If you have dermatitis, eczema or any other skin condition, then you should try it out.

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