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Marijuana Movement to Offer Medical Marijuana and CBD Oil Options for Health Insurance

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on to Offer Medical Marijuana and CBD Oil Options for Health Insurance

As CBD oil and marijuana become more popular, there are many ways that the various industries in the United States are making room. Some companies are integrating CBD into their foods, while dispensaries provide a greater range of tinctures and balms. However, the healthcare industry appears to be making some accommodations.

In a new AccessWire article, it has been announced that, a website that offers health insurance quotes, is now offering articles that discuss health insurance options for people who take medical marijuana. The founders see that the growing number of prescribed medical marijuana cards has also caused an increase in health insurance interest. The two articles from the website appear to focus on if and when health insurance will be able to cover these types of treatment.

The first article is called “Will Health Insurance Pay for Medical Marijuana?” The article starts with explaining that medical marijuana can treat multiple conditions, which is why most people just automatically believe that the cost will be covered. The article says, “While it might make sense for health insurance companies to cover the cost of medical marijuana, that is not the case. To date, this medication is not covered by any health insurance companies.” Despite the fact that there’s plenty marijuana benefits research that shows the ways that cannabis can medically benefit the body, it remains a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance, based on the federal government’s regulations.

The other article, “Does Health Insurance Cover CBD Oil?”, provides a similar message. Health insurance companies are unwilling to cover the use of CBD oil, which is typical because it is only considered a supplement right now. Still, the article says that CBD is considered a Schedule 1 controlled substance.

Instead of seeking coverage from health insurance, the article suggests, “One option is to purchase CBD oil from a dispensary and pay for the cost out of your own pocket. Another option is to use another medication that offers the same benefits as CBD oil but has been approved by the FDA.”

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