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Are you tired of being told that there is no appropriate dosing method for cannabinoids intake? If you are, you are amongst thousands! The reason most cannabis-focused brands recommend a dosage but warn consumers that it may or may not suffice is the lack of studies that focus on dosage. Given the novice stance of the cannabis market, along with the fact that the FDA does not deem its uses as a supplement, many are hesitant to confidently state exact doses. This, however, does not seem to be the case with Sana Sana Formulas.

Sana Sana Formulas proclaims itself as a brand devoted to the people, in the sense that said consumers will able to find the right solution at the right dosage. How did they manage to achieve this? The following review will analyze Sana Sana Formulas with respect to its purpose, variety is seen in their products offered and other crucial facts.

What is Sana Sana Formulas?

Sana Sana Formulas is a brand that develops products in the interest of consumers. Instead of simply focusing on the different ways cannabinoids can be infused (i.e. oils, tinctures, bath bombs, you name it), they have organized each product based on therapeutic benefits along with essential information needed to understand the role of terpenes, which is for the most part ignored due to severe CBD-extraction processes.

What Types of Products Does Sana Sana Formulas Deliver?

Based on the claims made, Sana Sana Formulas has placed great focus on strain-specific, whole plant. Some of the products developed claim to either be CBD-rich, THC-rich or a balance of both. This being the said, the strains that will be witnessed in what’s to follow this, include Ringo’s Gift (CBD-rich), Purple Punch (CBD/THC) and Girl Scout Cookie (THC-rich).

As for the categories to explore from, it seems like they have been grouped according to the cannabinoids present. For instance, the Sana Sana Gold is CBD-dominant, the Crystal Gold is CBD-dominant with THC present and finally, the Rustic Gold is THC-dominant.


The oils, suppositories and vegetarian capsules offered within Gold are said to be non-psychoactive, contain CBD-dominant part of the whole plant and have been infused in coconut oil. As for administration, the oils are suggested orally or topically on one’s skin, the suppositories are most effective via the rectal and vaginal regions and of course capsules, which can be taken orally or applied onto the skin.

Crystal Gold

For those wanting to go a step further from Gold, the best option is said to be Crystal Gold. As per the claims made, Crystal Gold is ideal for anyone considering adding THC to their routines, which require micro doses as opposed to relying on trial and error. The same three products found in Gold are also found in Crystal Gold, but now instead of just infusing a CBD-rich strain, Sana Sana Formulas also offers options that contain THC strains and a mix of both.

Rustic Gold

Rustic Gold focuses more on THC than on CBD and is only offered in capsules. All three strains appear to make an entrance in this respective category and consumers have been warned of the THC concentration found in said goods.

Other products, besides the aforementioned three, include the Multi-purpose oil, Bath Bomb, The Scrub, The Everything Balm, Daytime Face Cream SPF, Nighttime Face Cream, Eye Cream and the Everything Spray.

What Makes Sana Sana Formulas Stand Out?

Naturally, Sana Sana Formulas’ approach in focusing on both CBD and THC is mindful considering the fact that both contain very unique health benefits that should not be avoided. One thing that makes this respective brand stand out from the bunch is their emphasis on Microdosing.

Microdosing is described as a tool used to determine the right dose on an individualistic basis per one mg. This technique has been utilized to ensure consumers can get a dose that is as exact as it can get. For instance, suppose a consumer picks a certain mg as being the right dosage, how is he or she sure that it is exact, what if something smaller can be just as impactful? This is mainly what Microdosing answers, and it has been deemed the lowest of the low.

Another factor that makes Sana Sana Formulas attractive is that each essential offered is as appropriate for pet consumption as it is for humans. Finally, the time spent on ensuring each detail has been made available for utmost clarity and confidence in actually applying the said products makes Sana Sana Formulas a worthy option.

To learn more about Sana Sana Formulas’ approach on cannabis ingestion, go to:

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