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Cannadiol: Is Saint Bibiana & Company’s Hemp Oil Therapy Balms Legit?

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saint bibiana cannadiol

Saint Bibiana& Company is one of the many US companies that sell body care products and supplements. Its CBD products are third-party lab tested, which is a clear indicator that the company is dedicated to safety and quality. The lab test results are available to any of their customers and although a number of CBD companies have this feature, it shows a company’s high transparency level and confidence in its products.

Part of the company’s mission is fostering a growing understanding and awareness of hemp-based products through online and real-world educational public dialogue. Its products are legal to carry, sell, and use all over the 50 states of America. Saint Bibiana& Company claims to have a mode of operation that puts people before profit…but is this true? Read on this review to know whether you can trust this company and if its products are worth buying.

Saint Bibiana& Company Products

Saint Bibiana& Company Hemp CBD

One of the very first things we noted is this company’s products are not trademarked at the moment. With all the products it is selling being currently out of stock, it is easy to conclude that the company’s production is not that well of yet. Nevertheless, below are the 3 products it sells.

Cannabidiol Heat – Hemp Emu Active Therapy

This new brand has been formulated to give the user an all-natural relief for aches and pains. This is a versatile product that can be used prior to physical exertion or exercise to “warm up” stifle joints and muscles. This product stands out from similar products which use concentrated synthetic analgesics for masking pain, which at other times causing severe burns and rashes. This product’s natural formula helps in synergizing the body’s own inflammatory response, thus mitigating discomfort at the source. When used twice a day on the affected area, a 1 Floz container for this product lasts about 6 weeks

Cannabidiol Botanical Select Hemp Oil

Cannabidiol botanical select hemp oil is a filtered and decarboxylated (active) hemp extract. This is a nutrient-dense and clean-tasting source of hemp-based cannabidiols. It is yellow-gold in color, and made with a smooth-gel consistency, thanks to hemp carotenoids. The plant’s main ingredient is CO2 extracted, which implies that the Botanical Select Hemp oil has no chemical residue, but only premium phytonutrients suspended in natural oils of the hemp plant. Raw oil making this product is vacuum-filtered to get rid of the plant material’s larger fractions thus creating oil, which offers a user-friendly experience.

The user can take this product sublingually. The product can also be used as a Dab. This oil is 50-state legal, and lab-tested for quality control. Its product sells at $124 but is currently out of stock.

Cannabidiol Phyto Health Hemp Oil

An extract of decarboxylated (active) hemp, Cannabidiol Phyto health hemp oil gives a huge variety of health effects to the user’s body. Ingredients go through supercritical CO2 extraction, meaning that the product has no CO2 residue. Instead, it only contains heart-healthily fatty acids like CLA and a number of natural phytonutrients. This product is not filtered and retains the natural phytochemical profile of the hemp plant. Cannabidiol Phyto Heath Hemp Oil’s texture is distinct and has a consistency resembling that of gel. It is rich and green in color.

The user can take Cannabidiol Phyto Health Hemp Oil orally or sublingually. This product is made using non-GMO industrial hemp and is lab-tested to ensure quality. It is legal to buy, carry, sell, and take this product all over the US. It is sold at $74, but right now, this product is out of stock.

Final Thought

Being new to the industry, this company has really tried in coming up with distinct formulas that offer absolute relief. We thus recommend the products based on their features and benefits, but unfortunately, none of the products it sells is in stock. So, keep on checking their website for product availability details.

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