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R+R Medicinals Hemp Oil: Quality Hemp Seed Oil Tincture with 1000mg Dose

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R+R Medicinals Hemp Oil

R&R Medicinal is a relatively new company which is building a reputation for itself as a proven hemp company within the CBD industry. As it stands, R+R have put out a category of products ranging from soft gels, oil tinctures and pet products.

Of the tinctures, one of them is the 300Mg of CBD hemp oil and the bigger version that has 1000mg. Today, we will get to review the 1000mg version hemp oil tincture, but anything we explore is pretty equal to the lesser 300mg supplement.

The R&R Medicinal Hemp oil 1000mg

Since R+R understand the need for customers to feel a stronger effect, the company has delivered the 1000mg hemp oil tincture as an excellent deal for those looking for a high amount of CBD. Still, the strength remains moderate compared to other more powerful formulations of CBD. Additionally, R&R record of using a full spectrum blend for the 1000mg to have a complete entourage effect. By using the full spectrum hemp oil, the R&R 1 ML tincture encompasses the purest hemp oil extract containing all the cannabinoids and other essential compounds found in the hemp plant.

The serving size of 36mg serving provides for roughly 40 drops which makes the dose enough to last you for 30 days. Besides, R&R profess to use cutting edge technology to undertake the CO2 process necessary to extract the CBD oil drops from the hemp plant. On top of that, the process also results in an extract full of essential acids, phytonutrients, antioxidants, natural terpenes and peppermint oil to add the taste. This blend makes R&R a healthy supplement cocktail capable of providing the necessary health benefits.

Instructions On Use

With approximately 40drops available in the R&R Medicinal hemp oil, a recommended intake of 1-3 times would fit. You would need to shake well first before filling the dropper with your serving. In this case, the 36mg serving would have an adequate strong effect for an extended period. However, you will need to consult your doctor and explore the potential treatment course.

Possible Effects to Using the Hemp Oil Tincture

Most of the outcomes listed by R&R Medicinal are the extended health benefits evident from proven hemp oil. The brand lists the Hemp oil as having the potential to help with: pain, anxiety, depression, stress, inflammation, weak immune system, and skin conditions. All these conditions are influenced by the therapeutic ingredients found in the full spectrum hemp oil derived through CO2 extraction. While these are the positive aspects to the R&R Medicinal hemp oil, there are also possible adverse effects you could witness especially if you do have a history of allergic reactions to herbal ingredients. Additionally, if breastfeeding, pregnant or under prescribed medication, it is wise to consult the doctor and get the go-ahead before taking the hemp supplement.

R&R Medicinal Hemp Oil Verdict

Now to summarize our experience with R&R medicinal hemp oil, we would recommend it to anyone seeking a Hemp oil supplement. For sure the pros outweigh the cons in plenty of ways. The price to value ratio ($49.99) is excellent compared to similar products plus it’s made from home-grown crops in Colorado yet available throughout the states. The only downside is that the company is still little known, but that should not worry you considering its satisfaction we are after.

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