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Receptra Naturals: Pure Cannabinoid Hemp CBD Oil Extracts, Topicals And Pets

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Receptra Naturals

When it comes to choosing a cannabinoid (CBD)-incorporated product, it is important to assess the overall pureness of the concentration, the firm’s commitment to full transparency and disclosure, and variety, as not all consumers are comfortable with a single type of delivery. All this being said, one firm seems to meet the necessary requires and it is that of the Receptra Naturals.

As per the claims made by Receptra Naturals, their CBD products have been grown in Colorado in the most organic way possible to ensure that the end result contains the purest form of CBD possible. In addition, quality has supposedly been a major focus from the initial to the final steps with the involvement of necessary lab technicians. Sounds fairly safe right? Claims aren’t just enough, hence the reason for this review.

By the end of this review, consumers should have a better idea as to what Receptra Naturals stands for, the different product lines available, its price ranges and if applicable intended uses of said essentials.

What Is Receptra Naturals?

Receptra Naturals claims to offer consumers with organically produced CBD-infused essentials that were intended to maximize one’s overall wellness. To ensure consumers are confident with their essentials, measures including multiple lab tests and transparency of information has also been made available. Let’s jump right into what Receptra Naturals is known for.

What Does Receptra Naturals Offer?

Some of the different areas Receptra Naturals has targeted include Health and Wellness Extracts, Active Lifestyle Extracts, Topical Solutions, Receptra for pets and lastly, and lip health essentials. An analysis of a product representing each category will be provided down below in which details regarding the CBD content along with their proposed benefits will be listed:

Health And Wellness Extracts

The Health and Wellness Extracts have been created with the intentions of serving the entire body, namely the immune and central nervous system. Receptra Naturals claim to help the body attain a sense of homeostasis. It’s made for oral ingestion and the best way to make use of it, as per the recommendations, is under the tongue with a wait time of around 15 to 30 seconds prior to swallowing.

This line carries two formats because of the different strength levels: Prime (22mg of CBD per dropper) and Plus (44mg of CBD per dropper). The prices range between $39.95 and $199.95.

Active Lifestyle Extracts

Receptra Naturals’ Active Lifestyle Extracts come in three different strengths: Active (15mg of CBD per dropper), Elite (30mg of CBD per dropper) and Pro (60mg of CBD per dropper). The different strengths may have been created for the different fitness levels of consumers as some might train occasionally, moderately or frequently.

As for the formula itself, it is most beneficial for those looking for an all-natural mean to increase performance and recovery. In addition, MCT oil has been included to help with fat burning. In terms of its price ranges, consumers can expect to invest anywhere between $24.95 and $249.95.

Topical Solutions

Under Topical Solutions, consumers will mainly find two essentials: Receptra Body Butter” and “Receptra Targeted Topical.”

The former has been created to help with skin health. Its formula combines CBD, antioxidants and essential nutrients to help with the skin’s defense mechanism – which is crucial to prevent germs and free radical damage from occurring. The Receptra Body Butter supposedly contains over 400mg of CBD per container and can also be beneficial for easing skin irritation and reducing blemishes. Its current going price is approximately $44.95.

The latter focuses more on pain relief. For anyone who typically experiences muscle and joint irritation, the Receptra Targeted Topical can be of significant use, as its direct application on the skin can have instantaneous results.

With most jobs being physically intensive and very limited rest periods, said solutions can help with speedy recovery. As for the formula itself, it claims to contain over 400mg CBD per container (an 800mg version is also available) along with jasmine and Ylang Ylang for aromatherapy and mind-relaxing purposes. Its prices range anywhere between $39.95 and $68.95.

Receptra For Pets

Receptra for Pets has been created with the intentions of helping one’s pets overcome anxiety, and ensuring that their muscle, joint, digestive and immune systems are all on par. Two versions are currently offered in which one is called “Pet” with 500mg of CBD and another called “Pet Plus” with over 750mg of CBD.

In addition to the CBD content present, omegas 3 and 6 as well as MCT oils have been incorporated for a sense of balance, potent energy levels and fatty acids needed for homeostasis. The prices can range anywhere between $44.95 and $67.95.

Receptra Lip Balm

The Receptra Lip Balm claims to contain 15mg of CBD per stick and combines a variety of oils including Golden Jojoba oil, Shorea butter and Vitamin E oil. The purpose for coming up with said formula is to help consumers (regardless of gender) entail healthy looking lips by repairing cracked, dry lips. The addition of Vitamin E can should help to prevent free radical exposure. The current going price of the Receptra Lip Balm is approximately $5.95.

Based on the analysis above, it is clear that Receptra Naturals’ offers CBD-incorporated essentials at a fairly reasonable price. Some of the factors that contribute towards this decision include the different strength levels offered, unique forms of CBD, and the validity and reliability consumers are provided with via lab results.

Receptra Naturals Summary

Overall, Receptra Naturals appears to be a worthwhile brand because of their continuous effort in providing full transparency of each product. Not only have they limited themselves from using CBD, but they have also considered other ingredients that can help to further optimize one’s health.

While their line is fairly simple, what is being offered seems to reflect their 100%. The one thing consumers should keep in mind is the concentration levels, as they are slightly higher than the average CBD brand. This means that instead of ingesting one full dropper, it would be ideal to start small, test for tolerance and then move up or down in quantity as needed.

For more on where to get Receptra Naturals’ essentials, check out:

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