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Pure Ratios CBD: Hemp Cannabidiol Patches, Lozenges, Topicals And Vapes

Jane S



Pure Ratios CBD

Taking care of one’s health is a serious endeavor. Though many men and women may opt for synthetic medications, the interest in all-natural, safe, and effective remedies is growing as well. One of the most popular types of all-natural products is CBD-based formulas. These types of products are made with cannabidiol and are free from psychoactive substances such as THC. Those who are interested in a unique and high-quality brand, may want to consider Pure Ratios CBD Products. This brand offers many different products that may provide men and women with the full support that they are looking for.

About Pure Ratios CBD

Pure Ratios CBD is a brand founded in 2014 by an entrepreneur fascinated by the positive health benefits of plant-based remedies. William Conner, the brand’s founder, established a team of herbal and pharmaceutical experts to perform research on the potential of CBD products. As the brand explains, the brand’s team has perfected the balance between eastern medicine and western scientific development. As a result, those who use the brand’s products can experience the benefits of science-based products that are also rooted in the power of eastern medicine. Very few CBD brands on the market have such a background.

A Quality Extraction Process

There are a number of considerations to take into account when choosing a CBD brand, one of them being the type of extraction process that the brand utilizes. In this case, Pure Ratios CBD applies a CO2 extraction process. This method protects all of the integral compounds in the hemp so that users can experience the best end product. Further, the brand also mixes the hemp extract with its formulated assortment of essential oils and herbs. Together, these substances synergistically combine to create a formula that provides men and women with the qualities necessary for optimal therapeutic relief.

Cutting-Edge Delivery System

Another unique quality of the brand’s products is that they feature a cutting-edge delivery system. As the brand explains, this ranges from its “vaporizers to topical ointments to patented slow-release lozenges.” Such substances promote fast and effective cannabinoids, optimal intake, and consistent dosing. Those who use the brand’s products can be certain that they are making a sound decision for their overall health and wellness. As the brand explains, its products take pain and discomfort management to a whole new level.

Pure Ratios CBD Benefits

There are a number of potential advantages to be had when one adds Pure Ratios CBD to their lifestyle. Here are a few of the main benefits that users may experience, generally:

  • May reduce anxiety
  • May relax one’s system
  • May promote bodily regulation
  • Fast-acting products
  • May mitigate pain and discomfort

These are just a few of the main benefits associated with the brand’s products. It is important to keep in mind, though, that the effectiveness of every product can vary based upon a number of factors, such as one’s bodily response to the formulas, the dosage that one uses, and how well one follows the instructions concerning usage. Thus, there are no guarantees on the products, but simply ways that users can improve the potential of the formulas.

Pure Ratios CBD Products

PureRatios offers a number of products that users can choose from. With all that is available, users are bound to find something that suit them and their overall health and wellness goals. Here are a few of the products that users of legal age may want to start with:

CBD-THC Cannabis Based Patch

The CBD-THC Cannabis Based Patch comes in two strength levels. The first is the 4:1 ratio, while the second is the 1:1 ratio. The latter is, of course, the weaker option. As the brand explains, the patches are the first “patent-pending, 96-hour topical reservoir patches.” The patches are pure, additives free, and made with all-natural and safe substances. Further, those who use these patches need not worry about adhesive being absorbed into the bloodstream. The patches are a safe and effective method that users can apply to their lifestyle to experience the full benefit that CBD products have to offer.

1:1 CBD-THC Roll-On

The roll-on option is ideal for those who dislike applying patches. The product features 50mg CBD, 50mg THC, and an infusion of arnica for pain relief. A few of the main ingredients in the product include MCT oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, CBD, THC, cardamom, frankincense, and turmeric. Those who use this product may find themselves experiencing the full relief that they are hoping for – the type of relief that lasts over the long term and that provides stellar support.

CBD Hemp Lozenges

The brand’s CBD Hemp Lozenges are a prime option for those who are interested in experiencing long-term release of CBD. Unlike traditional edibles, this product allows for rapid onset by getting to the digestive tract much more quickly. A few of the main ingredients in this product include peppermint oil, menthol, zinc, calcium sulfate, CBD, and THC. Together, these ingredients provide targeted and quick relief for men and women of all legal ages.

These are just a few of the main products that the brand has to offer. There are several others on the brand’s website that are certainly worth looking at.

Pure Ratios CBD Summary

Overall, those who are interested in high-quality, effective, and reliable CBD products may want to give Pure Ratio CBD a chance. To learn more and to get started, just visit the brand’s website today.

Jane is a regular contributor who learned about the great benefits of CBD a few years ago after starting it herself. Impressed by its effects, she's interested in helping others learn about options that can be helpful for them.

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