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Pure Kind Botanicals: PKB CBD Wellness Nectar, Tinctures, Topicals And Isolates

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Pure Kind Botanicals

When it comes to cannabidiol uses, convincing consumers requires a lot of work. In the past, it took several debates to conclude that the effects of THC on the mind is not like that of the preferred, CBD. In fact, for the longest time, many consumers believed that CBD also induces psychoactive effects. However, this has been deemed false, as CBD merely eases the side effects of, say, anxiety such as restlessness and headaches. Ultimately, this is just one example of several.

How can firms truly convince consumers? Reliability of a CBD firm is a crucial determining factor for consumers and this is reflected in how transparent said firm is. This is where Pure Kind Botanicals (PKB) comes into play.

PKB specializes within the CBD industry and has since proclaimed its products as derived “using best practices”. To see what makes their approach essential in producing high quality products, the following review will look closely at its purpose and product line.

What Is Pure Kind Botanicals (PKB)?

PKB claims to commit itself in delivering a wide range of CBD-infused essentials that contribute to the betterment of consumer health. A key factor that gives Pure Kind Botanicals the competitive edge, as per the claims made, is their highly skilled team of experts who only want the best for their customers. How is this achieved? Let’s briefly explore PKB’s outlook on CBD for health.

What Pure Kind Botanicals Does Differently

The main thing that PKB does differently is processing cannabinoid oils through PureHemp Technology LLC. PureHemp Technology LLC exists with the intent of converting industrial hemp into products. Some of the elements that have been processed include stalks, flowers, and buds to name the least.

PureHemp’s admiration for processing cannabinoids into different mediums is what led them to create PKB. According to the team at PureHemp, some of the conversions that are currently being worked on include 100% hemp sugars for hemp beer, hemp xylose, which is deemed the healthiest sugar to date, and hemp pulp for paper and lignin (i.e. for plastic).

Pure Kind Botanicals Products

PKB currently offers CBD infused oils and tinctures, topicals, menstrual relief and capsules. Here’s what consumers can generally anticipate from each listed category:

CBD Oil And Tinctures

Based on PKB, the line of CBD oils and tinctures are suitable for wellness support at sufficient concentrations of full spectrum. That is, each solution offered contains a generous presence of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids – all of which have some therapeutic aspects tied to them. As for the strengths offered, consumers can choose between 250, 750, 1500 and 3000mg of CBD per 30ml bottle, which is equivalent to about $39.95 to $249.95.

CBD Topicals

Unlike the aforementioned category, which typically requires oral administration, topicals are applied directly on the skin. As per Pure Kind Botanicals offerings, consumers can choose between the Manna CBD Body Butter, the CBD Radiance Facial Serum and the CBD Soothe Relieving Balm.

Both the body butter and facial serum focus more on skin health as opposed to bodily aches. Given CBD’s rich source of antioxidants, the face serum is believed to rid consumers of skin problems like aging, acne-prone, and bruised skin.

As for the body butter, it serves as a moisturizer, which is important for the skin, as it blocks pollutants and free radicals from damaging one’s cells. Finally, the Soothe Relieving Balm is deemed appropriate for aches, pains and soreness as it contains a whopping 550 mg of CBD per bottle. The topicals line of essentials range anywhere between $39.95 and $154.95.

Menstrual Relief

Two menstrual relief essentials are found here, where one is simply higher in strength. Both solutions are essentially oils infused with MCT and Sacha Inchi and are believed to fight against common menstrual aches and discomfort. Again, the presence of anti-inflammatory properties is said to calm and reduce the frequency of cramping.

Gel Capsules

Lastly, and more conveniently, consumers are offered CBD-infused capsules with each capsule containing as much as 25mg of full spectrum CBD. As for its uses, it appears to provide a full-body boost that maximizes balance in the system. The price of the capsules comes out to approximately $59.95.

Pure Kind Botanicals Final Thoughts

Overall, Pure Kind Botanicals appears to be of significant value as they’ve taken the necessary measures in certifying each solution is of utmost quality. To ensure consumers view PKB as a reliable source for one’s CBD needs, evidence in the form of “Certificates of Analysis” have since been available for each product.

These are simply lab results that allow consumers to assess the different types of cannabinoids used along with which types are dominant over others. This is also the essential proof needed to support a firm’s claim of either not housing THC or only containing safe amounts.

As for its price factor, PKB seems to lean towards the average prices found within the CBD industry, which is decent considering the different elements along with the infusion of full spectrum cannabinoids witnessed. For further analysis, go to:

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