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CBD Oil (Cannabidiol)

PurCBD: Organic CBD Hemp Oil Tinctures, Lip Balms, Topical Salves, Gummies And Soft Gels





About PurCBD

PURCBD Products are made in the United States of America in a facility approved by FDA and GMP certified. During their manufacture, all of GMP quality standards and procedures are followed to ensure the products’ quality and pure. The CBD oil used in making PURCBD products is grown organically and cultivated locally. The supercritical CO2 extraction method is used to ensure that the CBD oil does not contain unwanted compounds.

All PURCBD products undergo testing from an independent lab testing to ensure safety and purity. It’s THC free and 100% toxic free. The PURCBD natural hemp grown CBD products include CBD capsules, CBD softgels, CBD tinctures, CBD gummies, CBD lip balm, and CBD topical salves. PURCBD is non-GMO and does not contain herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers or solvents.

PurCBD Products

PurCBD Capsules 750mg

PURCBD capsules are digestible capsules designed for easy carrying, and they offer different therapeutic health benefits. The CBD 750mg capsules help in relieving joint pain, muscle aches and relax your mind to have a peaceful sleep. These capsules comprise of 750mg of CBD hemp oil that provides effective results lasting for a long time.

The other ingredients used are silicon dioxide, turmeric root powder, gelatine, and cellulose. PURCBD 750mg cost $44.99 at the seller’s website.

PurCBD Hemp Gummies 150mg

Hemp gummies come in a 30 count tin containing 150mg, 450mg, 700mg and helps in relieving pain from anywhere. It is Organic certified and tested to ensure its quality and safety. It’s recommended to start with low doses before increasing it for useful results.

Apart from CBD hemp oil, the other ingredients used include citric acid, pectin, cane sugar, grape juice, organic tapioca syrup, natural flavors, and ascorbic acid. PURCBD Hemp Gummies may have soy, peanuts, tree nuts, milk, and wheat. CBD Hemp Gummies goes for $27.99, and there are no discounts offered.

PurCBD 25mg Hemp Lip Balm

PURCBD hemp lip balm is designed for restoring, regenerating and soothing cracked lips. It features 25mg of CBD hemp oil formulated for moisturizing the lips. Other than CBD oil, PURCBD 25mg Hemp lip balm contains beeswax, cocoa butter, sunflower oil, Aloe Vera gel, soybean oil, Shea butter, and tocopherol.

The lip balm should be applied on the lips as required and kept away from sunlight. PURCBD Hemp Lip Balm costs $8.99 on the seller’s website.

PurCBD Softgels 750mg

PURCBD softgels are formulated for easy absorption to release cannabidiol quickly into your body to provide fast results. These softgels contain accurately measured dosage and can only be swallowed, should not be chewed.

750mg hemp softgels comes in a 30 count with each softgel consisting of 25mg hemp oil to provide quick benefits. It is designed to relieve joint pain, back pain or chronic pains. The PURCBD 750mg hemp softgels retails at $79.99.

PurCBD 250mg Hemp Tinctures

The CBD Hemp Tinctures are served in a 1oz bottle comprising of 250mg of hemp oil. Hemp oil initial taste is cleared by the peppermint flavor and hence can be taken with or without food. Hemp oil tinctures may also feature also 500mg and 1000mg of hemp oil.

PURCBD 250mg Hemp Tinctures main ingredients are MCT oil, natural flavors, essential oils, and hemp extract. It is advised to put few hemp oil drops under your tongue before swallowing for quick absorption and stay for at least ten minutes before taking anything else. A CBD Hemp tincture has anti-inflammatory properties and costs $39.99.

PurCBD 400mg Hemp Topical Salve

The Hemp Topical Salve comes in a 2oz tin having 400mg that helps in relieving muscle soreness, reducing muscle aches and pains. The hemp oil salve is applied to the targeted area and rubbed while massaging to make the aches on your muscle calm. PURCBD 400mg Topical Salve can also come with 1000mg of hemp oil. This 400mg Hemp Topical salve costs $24.99.

PurCBD Final Thought

PURCBD products provide many health benefits that help the body to be more active. The products are expensive, but they provide quick results and long-lasting. We recommend these brands for effective health benefits.

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