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Pet Med Labs Marks New Milestone as First-Ever CBD Brand to Promote its Canine Treat Products on TV

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Cannabidiol (CBD)-based pet solutions provider, Pet Med Labs has supposedly achieved a new milestone. In particular, the firm has been reckoned the first-ever to have advertised its pet-related CBD products on television, reports PRNewswire (

Pet Med Lab was founded by Mitchell Cohen and, as for the reason why it sprung into existence, it seems to be due to necessity. More specifically, Cohen’s yearning to help his dog, Broder is what started the firm and today, it has taken grown to the extent in which it is helping to introduce the benefits of CBD to the general population.

Some of the areas of concern that Pet Med Labs claims to focus on include aging, anxiety and phobias, digestive concerns, epilepsies and seizures, joint and mobility problems and skin-related allergies to name the least. As for their solutions, pet owners can choose between CBD drops, treats and appetite flakes – all of which have been tailored to meet the needs of dogs of varying sizes.

In addition to the various problems Pet Med Labs provides a solution for, their team of experts makes the entire brand more reliable. For instance, there is Dr. Dani McVety – who has earned the “Youngest Recipient of University of Florida College and Veterinary Medicine’s Distinguished Young Alumni Award,” and also the  “Pet Industry Woman of the Year (2017)” title.

As quoted by PRNewswire, McVety believes that, “CBD has remarkable healing abilities for pets suffering from a variety of conditions,” adding that she’s had first-hand experience witnessing the positive impact it has on her patients.

President of Pet Med Labs, Ramey Warren claims one of their goals is to rid the “misconceptions and lack of good information” surrounding the use of CBD and its respective benefits. As for their reason for hitting the big screens, Warren trusts television as being, “a powerful medium to educate and inform pet parents about how life changing CBD can be to the health and wellness of their pets.”

What are your thoughts on CBD consumption? Do you think Warren is right in trusting television as being the ideal source of enlightenment in regard to this matter?

To learn more about Pet Med Labs and the procedures they’ve undergone to ensure quality and safety are prioritized, check out:

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