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Olala K-Cups: Enjoy Premium CBD And THC Cannabis Coffee Brew Drink Blends

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Olala K-Cups

Olala coffee is a type of beverage that combines the benefits of CBD with the delicious alertness of coffee. Consumers can get this product in a K-cup, which works with any Keurig coffee maker for individual brewing.

What Is Olala?

Most people start their day with a cup of coffee, giving them the boost of energy that will take them through the start of work, parenting, or other tasks that require more than just the sleep they got. Multiple brands around the world have created coffee from various types of beans, but Olala is bringing something a little different to the table.

Olala, the creator of cannabis-infused sodas, vape oils, and more, have decided to bring the benefits of coffee to their CBD brands. Presently, the company offers two variations, depending on the type of effect that the consumer is looking to get. The first option includes THC, which is the psychoactive chemical compound that is found in cannabis that makes the user feel “high.” However, consumers that do not want this effect can still get the therapeutic benefits of cannabis with the CBD variation.

The pods are designed to allow for the same brewing technique as any other K-cup, and they have created a dark French roast with the use of 100% Arabica beans. Promoting a eco-friendlier environment, consumers will find that the cups are recyclable, promoting the environment.

Olala was developed by a former champion volleyball player named Noel Remigio, following his marriage to wife Kate Quackenbush. They developed their cannabis company in 2015, working to acquire the necessary WA State 502 Processing license before eventually leasing a facility to make it possible. Their first product was a full-spectrum cannabis soda, which was available in some of the classic flavors known in the industry, like Cola, Orange Cream, and Lemon Lime Citrus.

Presently, the company is home to a full extraction lab, along with an automated bottling line. The lab uses the whole flower, but only from organic farms that are presently located within Washington. The extraction process used starts just minutes after the flowers are harvested, ensuring that they can deliver consumers the products that have the freshest extracts possible. Along with their new coffee, the company offers sparkling waters, terpene tonics, cannabis coffee, and vape oils.

Buying Olala K-Cups Coffee

Right now, Olala coffee cannot be purchased on the official website. Due to the fact that the Olala products are infused with cannabis, consumers will need to use the store locator tool (the “Find Olala” link) to determine the nearest location.

Right now, consumers are primarily able to find the remedies in Washington. Some of the locations include:

  • 420 Holiday (Longview)
  • Always Greener (Redmond)
  • American Harvest (Peshastin)
  • Bloom Cannabis (Everett and Tacoma)
  • Bud Hut (Camano Island, Everett, Friday Harbor, Kelso, Maple Valley, Mouth Vernon, Snohomish, and Vancouver)
  • Cannabis and Glass (Spokane and Spokane Valley)

Consumers can input their zip code or full address to find the nearest available location that offers these coffees.

Contacting Olala

If consumers or retailers need to get a hold of Olala, the official website provides a form to reach out. However, a store name is required, as well as a license number, on this form, so customers may have an easier time reaching out through social media on Instagram.

Olala K-Cups Summary

Olala provides many products, but the launch of the cannabis coffee will make it possible for consumers to find the benefits that cannabis has to offer in the way that meets their needs the best. Since there are options for both THC and CBD, consumers can opt-out of the psychoactive effects, if their morning brew is meant for the start of a workday or activities that require a more productive reaction.

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