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Nutralife Wellness: Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, CBD Calming Cream and Dog/Cat Pet Products

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Nature has and continues to offer the basic needs one needs to survive. To date, several plants that exist have been, in some ways or another, entered our homes in the form of food, skincare essentials, and aromatherapy to name a few. One particular plant, i.e. the cannabis plant, has been the topic of debate for centuries, dating as far back as the mid-1900s. Today, its compound called the cannabidiol (CBD) has been praised for its ability to improve one’s mind and body. This is where Nutralife Wellness comes into play.

Nutralife Wellness values what nature has to offer and claims to focus on organic and phytonutrient-rich ingredients. Their approach has always been to set the bar high so that consumers can make the best of their lives via quality essentials. The following review will look closely at how Nutra Wellness’ approach has been reflected in the products they claim to offer.

What is Nutralife Wellness?

Nutralife Wellness proclaims itself as a CBD-focused brand that has a wide range of experience within its respective industry. Their specialization has supposedly led them reap the benefits of the hemp plant without taking too much out of it, i.e. simply what’s needed. As per the claims made, the firm was founded on one question, “who can I trust?” and the answer(s) to this question claims to be in the products offered.

What Types of Products can Consumers Expect?

Nutralife Wellness offers products that help both humans and pets with all sorts of healing needs, both internally and externally.

The first product being offered is called the Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, which contains various beneficial parts of the hemp plant including chlorophyll, terpenes (a plant’s natural flavor), amino acids and essential fats to name a few. The combination of cannabinoids and other components in their view helps to offer strong solutions. It is currently comes in either 250mg or 750mg of full spectrum per 30ml bottle.

An alternative to the Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, is the Iso-filtered Hemp Oil, which contains 250mg of CBD per 30ml bottle. The difference between the two is that the former carries safe traces of a psychoactive compound called THC, while the latter rids it completely.

Another difference is that the former combines a wide range of cannabinoids, while the latter focuses merely on one cannabinoid – which is most often CBD. Reasons, why one might choose one over the other, relies on each individual, as some might value a strong solution, while others may feel more comfort in knowing that there aren’t any THC at all.

For bodily discomforts, Nutralife Wellness recommends the Calming Relief Cream. Instead of taking CBD-infused oils, consumers can consider said cream in the event that one experiences muscle, joints, or back pain to name the least. Oils tend to deliver effects to the entire body, which takes slightly longer to be felt compared to topicals. This is because topicals are designed to bring relief in the area of the body that holds the pain. By the looks of the ingredients list, one can see the use of MSM and the frankincense essential oil, which are fundamental in treating muscle and joint aches. It also seems like lavender has been incorporated, which is great considering its calming effects.

The last two products being offered are tailored to meet the needs of our furry friends, i.e. dogs and cats. Both the Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats aim to prove to consumers that their endocannabinoid system is no different from ours and that they too can ingest CBD to maintain healthy bone and joint function, cardiovascular function, immune system and mental and emotional health.

The oil created for dogs contains 250mg of hemp extract, while the one for cats is slightly stronger, i.e. 300mg. As for its administration, pet owners are advised to retort to the guide offered in which it explains the servings based on the size of a pet.

Why Choose Nutralife Wellness?

A major factor that makes Nutralife Wellness a feasible option is an ongoing effort reflected in being as transparent as possible. This has been noted in several instances, which needs to be mentioned.

Firstly, their source of hemp has been deemed US and Europe-grown. This is a good start considering both regions emphasize on the need for strict guidelines as to how much THC can be present in CBD products.

Next, they claim that each product undergoes laboratory tests to assess the quality of the concentration along with ensuring that they are free from toxic components. As per the claims made, the chosen lab specializes in Supercritical Fluid Extraction, which the method in which hemp oil has been extracted (i.e. CO2 extraction).

In addition to explaining how things are done at Nutralife Wellness, the firm’s products are praiseworthy. To ensure the quality of each product is on par, any additional ingredient used appears to have been in the form of essential oils or derived naturally, as opposed to using preservatives. Although Nutralife Wellness’ existing competitors easily carry much more CBD-essentials than they do, the fact that they’ve given their 100% for each essential reflects their interest: consumer wellness.

As much as it is needed for firms to be fully transparent from the beginning to the final stages of a product, word of mouth – especially from the firm itself – is not enough. This is the single factor that Nutralife Wellness needs to keep in mind, as convincing consumers isn’t an easy task. In this case, the addition of lab results could have sufficed to gain consumer trust.

Lastly, the prices one can expect range between $44 and $329. Both the higher and lower end reflect the amount of CBD or full spectrum delivered in each supplement, with $329 reflecting as much as 3000mg of CBD per bottle. To learn more about Nutralife Wellness, go to:

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