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Nature’s Script: Pure Hemp Extract CBD Oil, Gummies, Pain Rub and E-Liquids

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Nature’s Script CBD Product

Many people look to CBD products out of desperation, illness, and pain. However, it is wise to maintain daily dosage even in times of wellness. Daily doses give the user a better opportunity to process CBD products fully and in return increases the chances of a positive response. Nature’s Script is one of the many US-based CBD companies. To help you know whether Nature’s Script is worth buying from, we came up with a review of the company and CBD products it sells.

The Nature’s Script Brand

Nature’s Script sources its products from licensed and regulated farms that have sustainable growing practices in the U.S. Their products are free of pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants as they use CO2 extraction. Latest results of Nature’s Script products show a 99% purity without unwanted residues and THC. The company has a full suite in-house department to facilitate product control. They range from on-site professional formulators and manufacturing representatives to fulfillment specialists. Their products are meant to offer pain relief, joint and muscle support, solve sleep problems, relieve anxiety, and boost overall body wellness.

Nature’s Script Products

The purity and potency of all Nature Script’s products are tested and verified by third-party laboratories. This company sells E-liquids, Gummies, CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD syrup, CBD pain rub, and CBD pet oil. We will focus on the 3 top-selling Nature’s Script products which are E-liquids, Gummies, and CBD oil.

1. Premium Hemp Extract E-Liquids

One of the popular methods of consuming hemp extracts is vaping. By breathing a gentle cloud of vaporized hemp, the user immediately absorbs CBD’s therapeutic benefits. Nature’s Script makes and sells E-liquids with no THC, nicotine and harmful chemicals. They enhance the relaxing vaping experience with tasty e-Liquid flavors like fresh mango, juicy watermelon, and blueberry jam. Nature’s Script E-liquids are meant to sooth away stress and pain, offer relief to inflammation, insomnia, and anxiety.

On the E-Liquids category, there are three options. The 75mg E-liquid is recommended for people looking for a low dose option and beginners. It consists of 16.5ml of hemp extract and costs $14.99. The 300 mg Hemp extract is suitable for people looking for medium level dosing. With 60ml of hemp extract per bottle, this product sells at 49.99. Finally, people in need of strong ultra-concentrated dosing can try out the 1000mg Hemp extract E-liquid. It comes with 60ml Hemp extract and costs $99.99.

2. Nature’s ScriptPremium Hemp Gummies

Nature’s Script gummies are one of the company’s most selling products. They are meant to relieve stress, pain, inflammation, anxiety, and enhance natural sleep. To get better overall health, users are encouraged to take these gummies one or two times a day. Unlike other companies that sell white-label products made by third-party companies, Nature’s Script fully controls and oversees the manufacturing and production of their gummies.

Nature’s Script’s 5-count, 15-count, and 30-count gummy bottles all have 15 mg of hemp extract per gummy and cost $14.99, $29.75, and $59.99 respectively. If you want more gummies and a bigger hemp concentration, you can go for the 60-count of hemp extract gummies that has 25mg of hemp extract per gummy. This bottle is sold at $139.99.

3. Nature’s Script CBD OIL

Nature’s Script CBD oil comes from premium, organic hemp and is meant to offer natural wellness and improve overall health. The key uses of CBD oil are soothing pain and inflammation, encouraging healthy sleep, and gently calming anxiety. Their CBD oil is available in multiple levels of potency and has no side effects. The 300mg bottle contains a 30ml bottle of Hemp Extract Oil, 5ml per serving, and sells at 49.99.

Other options are:

  • The 600mg bottle with a 30ml bottle of Hemp Extract Oil, 10mg hemp extract per serving, selling at $74.99
  • A 1000ml bottle with a 30ml bottle of Hemp Extract Oil, 16.6mg hemp extract per serving, and sells at $99.99
  • The 2000mg bottle with a 30ml bottle of Hemp Extract Oil, 33.3 mg hemp extract per serving, and sells at $169.99
  • A 4000mg bottle with a 30ml bottle of Hemp Extract Oil and 66.6mg of hemp extract per serving sells at $299.99

Bottom Line

Nature’s Script CBD products outdo most in the cannabis industry. If you are in the market for reliable CBD, we recommend that you give them a shot. The most convenient place to purchase Nature’s Script CBD products is directly from the company’s website. `

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