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MyDx: CannaDx ‘My Diagnostic’ Cannabis Chemical Analyzer Sensor And ECO Smart Pen

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MyDx is a device that uses impressive technology to look for chemicals in vapor, acting as an “electronic nose.” The device has looked for purity in many samples, and the current focus of the company is on cannabis.

What Is MyDx?

The technological world is evolving in ways that no one could have predicted before now. The industry is looking for ways to evaluate the cannabis plant, which is something dispensaries have been in charge of for so long. However, when consumers have their own strain that they want to evaluate, MyDx has produced a unique way of learning about it.

The creators of the MyDx device put simply the way that this project works – “MyDx mimics the way we naturally detect scents.” This page continues on discussing the way that the human body is capable of recognizing many odors, and the way that the body identifies it is essentially by confirmation of other receptors.

The first step of identification with MyDx is for the testing chamber to create a vapor. The sample is placed within the vapor as several sensors pick up the chemicals that are present within the sample. As MyDx endures resistance changes as the chemicals are picked up, the device has the ability to compute THC “within 20% of conventional gas chromatography instruments.” As the company progresses, they hope to reduce the margin down to no more than a 5% marginal error.

Within a few minutes of the sample evaluation, the corresponding app for MyDx can be opened on a smartphone with a complete breakdown of the sample. This breakdown will include an explanation of the information, and why it is important to the user. Presently, the focus of the company is on launching the technology to specifically evaluate different cannabis strains. Still, there are many applications for this kind of technology, which will only require different sensors to examine.

The MyDx Sensors

Right now, there is only the CannaDx sensor. However, as the company makes progress, they plan to launch an additional three sensors, which will be OrganaDX, AquaDx, and Aero Dx.

CannaDx allows consumers to evaluate the potency of their cannabis at a moment’s notice. Along with its potency, consumers will learn about the other cannabinoids in the strain, along with a complete chemical profile of what is in the particular strain. Then, the database uses AI to determine the most likely reaction the user will experience from its consumption.

OrganaDx will let consumers examine pesticides in the food that they eat. This kind of service is particularly necessary to ensure that the organic food someone eats is truly pesticide-free, especially considering the substantial threat that pesticides pose to the health of consumers

Aqua Dx will evaluate water for potentially harmful chemicals, including mercury and lead. This sensor will come in particularly useful to consumers that often travel and for consumers that live in areas that do not have strict regulations governing their water supply.

AeroDx will measure air quality for the user. The sensor is primarily meant for consumers in urban areas or that travel to areas with lenient laws in their pollution. With a push of a button, the user will be able to examine the air around them, which comes in handy for consumers with respiratory issues.

Using MyDx

Part of the use of MyDx is downloading the app, which is presently available for both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Consumers will need to follow the included instructions on collecting the sample and will have access to all of the data on the strain within moments. The user needs to have a working sensor and the downloaded app for the product to be usable at all.

Purchasing MyDx

The only way for consumers to presently purchase the MyDx Analyzer is to shop on the website, as it is not being sold anywhere else yet. The online shop makes it possible to buy the entire kit as one item for $699.00 in the basic set, but the “Grower’s Package” is listed for $899, preparing cannabis farmers for the evaluation of multiple strains.

The inserts, sensors, pens, and maintenance pieces to this device are all available separately as well. The inserts are available for $1.49 apiece, while each CannaDx sensor is available for $69.95. The other sensors are not listed for purchase on the website yet, because they are still in development.

The ECO Smart Pen is another story. Though it works alongside MyDx, the pend is used as a vaping device that allows consumers to keep track of how often and how much they consume cannabis. This pen, available on pre-order for $89.99 also includes a child-lock feature that prevents children from being able to vape on it.

The Care package is a technical support and warranty bundle that keeps users from losing out on their investment in the event of defects or possible issues in the functioning of the device. This product is offered for $69.99.

Contacting MyDx

Considering the substantial information provided online, consumers may have questions about the MyDx device and how the program works. To reach the customer service team, there is a phone number and an email address listed.

MyDx Sumary

MyDx is an innovative device that can change the way that consumers approach their cannabis use, whether recreationally or medicinally, based on the laws in their state. The product works for both professional use in dispensaries and personal use at home, and the uploaded data from this information will benefit the entire cannabis community. As the technology progresses, MyDx could easily be responsible for developing a healthier and safer world to live in.

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