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Lion Cura: Adaptogenic, Biodynamic and Organic Hemp Extract with Liquid Magnesium

Michael R



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The hemp industry does a lot of things right. With a tightly knit community interested in educated consumerism and alternative healing, the CBD market is quick to provide its consumers with a litany of important assets to make their use of CBD as efficient as possible and keep them coming back from more. But all too often, the industry and its sites fall victim to “fluff.”

Fluff is content that doesn’t actually come from extensive research, but rather takes advantages of buzzwords and common search terms in order to convince readers that the argument the article wants to make is true. This is a particularly big issue within the CBD industry, as much of the science backing the so-called “healing products” is ill-contrived, very new, and often unverified. This makes it difficult for even the most meticulous of researching consumers to accurately research the nature behind the products and companies that they want to use.

About Lion Cura

Lion Cura attempts to avoid this pitfall with a careful explanation of their product which, so far, seems to be as legitimate as they come in the world of CBD. Their resolve to manufacture CBD products without the use of synthetic solvents in the lengthy extraction process. This isn’t just a filler-based selling point; many CBD products integrate synthetic solvents into their product extraction process, which can be unhealthy and off-putting for consumers.

Offering only two products, Lion Cura has taken extreme lengths to cut the filler from the CBD industry and offer quality hemp products with a strong natural genetic makeup. They only sell a hemp blend and a capsule version of the same blend, but both products have won favorable reviews from people all over the community for their potency and effectiveness.

Lion Cura Products

Because of their interest in cutting through the long lines and sales pitches of the industry, Lion Cura has similarly cut down the lines and lines of different products that generally characterize larger sites. While many producers of hemp-based CBD expend hundreds of pages in an effort to grab onto as much potential conversion traffic as they can, Lion Cura offers only two curated products on their simple interface sales page.

Their first and most popular is the “adaptogenic” hemp blend, which gets its name from its unique extraction process. The hemp is extracted without the use of any “heat, solvents, or harsh chemicals,” and is entirely organically grown with wild ingredients abound. This makes it one of the few products extracted without the use of harmful, harsh chemicals in the existing industry. The hemp blend is supposedly used to wake the user up in the morning, keeping them refreshed throughout the day while remedying a variety of different ailments.

The unique blend is also used to manufacture their capsules, which are also relatively popular among customers. The obvious advantage to the capsules is that they make it easier for the user to regulate when it comes to dosage and application, and they’re obviously easier to travel with.

Michael is a freelance writer with several years of experience in writing of all kinds. From the uber-technical to the more relaxed, he is well-versed in a variety of styles. Lately, his work has been primarily focused on the CBD industry—a market with which he has a particular background and interest. Michael has an extensive interest and experience in legal research for the CBD market, and he has a knack for well-researched pieces and guides for the growing CBD and medicinal cannabis community.

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