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Kind House: Meet California’s Homegrown Cannabis Distribution Company

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Kind House

The distribution sector of the more massive marijuana industry is quickly evolving to produce independent distribution companies that don’t have their cannabis products. Since the proverbial light went on for the cannabis market, independent distribution companies are bringing a new niche to the industry by acting as inventory or clearinghouses for the existing hemp products.

Kind House Distribution has emerged as a supply firm looking to bring changes to the existing cannabis market. Here’s more on the distribution firm.

About Kind House

Kind House is a California-based cannabis distribution company with a business model centered on serving the current market. As a distributor, Kind House embraces the role of a third-party shipper for the edible makers, tincture producers, hemp oil manufacturers, and the likes. The firm also specializes in availing the necessary infrastructure and services for the delivery of the hemp/CBD products to hundreds of users and local dispensaries.

What Kind House Offers

If you are a cannabis retailer or supplier looking to get hold of cannabis products, Kind House provides the perfect service to allow you to get the products distributed in California. Today, Kind House offers a range of products from the following cannabis brands: absoluteXtracts, CBD (CareByDesign), Be Kind, Elemental Wellness, Cookies, and SatoriChocolates.

Each brand further carries a variety of products that the user gets to choose from and purchase. There are cannabis oil tinctures, Vape pens, Vape cartridges, edibles, capsules, and hemp flower products. In addition to this, Kind House offers seeds, rosins, sublingual (sprays) and sensual cannabis oils alongside the typical products provided in the market.

How Kind House Fills The Market Gap

Many industry experts often don’t see the need for third-party distributors such as Kind House. However, for cannabis companies looking to lessen the extra work of obtaining distribution infrastructure, shipping licenses and other regulation. In the case of Kind House distribution, the firm hopes to diminish the complexity of this process by:

Prompt Weekly Deliveries

With regular scheduling of product deliveries, Kind House allows for quick inventory turnover and restocking for a constant supply chain.

Secure Transactions

Purchasing items and shipping can be a hectic process especially for cannabis products that Kind House is handling. But the firm ensures the safety and security of the products during shipping through secure transport measures and use of professional delivery services.

Easy Ordering

The technology behind Kind House’s distribution mechanism allows a unique ordering system tailored to enhance the purchasing efficiency of the cannabis products.

Marketing Option

Brands looking to expand their consumer base can utilize Kind House’s marketing and promotion option to grow their horizons, Get marketed across different platforms like social media, industry events and through public advertising.

Provision Of Warehousing And Logistics

The seamless order process is possible thanks to Kind House’s logistics and warehousing services that ensure the fulfillment of the supply channels. The climate-controlled storage and ordering processing system allow the smooth movement of products.

Is Kind House Distribution Legit?

Kind House fulfills its goal of high quality and timely distribution of cannabis products to the hundreds of dispensaries across California. The company lessens the burden of complex supply chains and shipping from the manufacturers to the consumers. And since it already is a distributor for reputable cannabis brands, it is safe to say it does reach the standards necessary.

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