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JOYBIRD: Full Spectrum Premium Hemp CBD-Infused Drink Beverages?

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JOYBIRD: Full Spectrum Premium Hemp CBD-Infused Drink Beverages?

With the legalization of cannabis on set in most states, there is no question on the growing market opportunities that are emerging in the hemp industry. Already, vendors have begun selling beverage products infused with cannabidiol (CBD). The CBD beverage market is looking to ride on the health drinks industry that has been quite the trend recently.

Despite the surge in CBD drinks being a good thing, it is quite difficult to know which product can deliver what it promises on its bottles. Joybird is an example of a recent CBD-based meal replacement to enter the market of health drinks. Here is whether or not it stood us for us after sampling.

What is Joybird?

Joybird Wellness recently launched their line of CBD beverages with three refreshing natural fruit flavors. The Apple Cranberry, Mixed Berries and Orange Tangerine are labeled as organic (non-GMO) and vegans as well as lab-tested to ascertain the ingredients’ safety and consistency.

The brand further notes the ingredients as organic stevia extracts, juice concentrate, hemp oil emulsion, natural flavor, purified water and erythritol to act as a natural sugar replacement. Joybird does not contain any artificial components, soy, gluten or dairy products of any kind, which makes it quite a healthy choice.

As far as the CBD content is concerned, each 12oz bottle contains 8mg of full-spectrum CBD extracted from organically-grown hemp. The label does also say it includes 9mg phytocannabinoids. To clarify, the phytocannabinoids are the vital extracts with neurological benefits within the cannabis sativa subspecies of hemp and marijuana. Therefore, it is our understanding that the total product 9mg of cannabinoids from hemp, only 8mg is CBD.

According to Joybird, the CBD within their beverages is enhanced to increase its absorption rate to 20 times that of the standard CBD oil. The 8mg full spectrum CBD is also said to be the equivalent of taking 160mg of the conventional CBD oil. Customers do ascertain of the beverage kicking in within consuming with a range of ¼ to ¾ of the bottle.

We also had to take notice of Joybird’s packaging concept since the product is in a quite competitive market that borders on looks. Joybird chose an aesthetically-pleasing package that brings a fresh new spin to the typical look with other CBD beverages. Additionally, the brand adopted a cute sloth as the logo and “Spirit animal.” Apparently, ‘Sammie the Sloth’ represents the smile, calm and relaxation in life that comes from taking Joybird.

Is Joybird worth it?

For one, Joybird seems like a fun and natural CBD beverage to take. You can bring it to your yoga session, workout or at your workplace. In all situations is presents a relaxing feeling without getting you sleepy. Additionally, Joybird has more physical benefits such as relieving aches and pains. Athletes could turn to use the drink for their post-workout recovery while yoga practitioners also get help in relaxing their muscles during practice.

It is also wise to note that Joybird is safe for consumption for infants, children and adults. The CBD is 100% domestic hemp, and this eliminates traces of THC (the psychoactive substance in cannabis). That means Joybird does not impair cognitive performance but instead promotes the balance of the body and mind.

Additionally, the ingredients are quite impressive for a beverage drink since it lacks any preservatives. Notably, the naturally sourced elements are also said to have no added sugar and low calorie levels. That makes it an ideal pick for individuals with conditions about sugar or those seeking to keep their weight in check.

Lastly, we can’t fail to mention the fact that Joybird is refreshingly delicious and crispy sweet. Each flavor remains distinct while also not overpowering the rest in the slightest way possible. A good number of customers do record the mixed berries as their favorite flavor as far as taste is concerned. However, with the additional option of Orange Tangerine and Apple Cranberry, there is something that I sure to please just about everyone.

Final thoughts

Joybird offers perhaps the most bioavailable CBD that can be efficiently absorbed in the body. Maybe this makes a good reason why the CBD drink is quick if offering relaxation, better sleep and relief from body pains and aches. Overall, we do believe the product got what it takes to provide a refreshing and pleasant experience to the body. The lack of added colors, flavors and presence of low calories (only 40 calories) makes it’s an excellent option to start within the CBD beverage market.

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