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Jewlz Jamz: CBD Infused Jams And Smokiez Cannabidiol Gummiez Edible Products




Jewlz Jamz

There are many CBD product brands and products in the market today. Some of the commonly consumed are CBD oil drops, tinctures, gummies, salves, and vapes. Similarly, there are hundreds of CBD product companies, and you could easily find it difficult distinguishing the best brand from the many that claim to be. Our focus today will be Jewlz Jamz, a USA-based CBD product company. We will look at how long the brand has been in existence, the nature of products it has been making, and the quality of their CBD products.

About Jewlz Jamz

Jewlz Jamz makes and sells a line of handcrafted CBD infused jams, gummies, and tinctures. This company has been in business for 25 years now and has served a multitude of patients, maintaining a good reputation. Jewlz Jamz claims to take pride in producing quality products and having all its CBD products readily available in local stores all over the United States.

Jewlz Jamz CBD edibles are legal to carry and use all over the United States. They are made with pure CBD and are free from harmful chemicals, insecticides, and pesticides. However, this company provides no details on it testing the products for potency or consistency.

Jewlz Jamz Products

Jewlz Jamz mainly specializes in the production and sale of pure CBD jams, gummies, and tinctures. These products have different flavors to keep the users excited when taking.

Jewlz Jamz CBD Gummiez (Gummies)

Jewlz Jamz Gummiez (gummies) are made using pure CBD and are meant to offer anxiety and stress relief, enhance moods, improve energy levels, relieve pains, inflammation, and enhance the user’s overall well being. These gummies are made with different flavors including sour watermelon, watermelon, blackberry, sour blackberry, Jamberry, sour jamberry, tropical fruit, sour tropical fruit, grapefruit, sour grapefruit, raspberry, sour raspberry, and peach.

Each gummy pack has 10 pieces and the recommended serving is one gummy per time. Regardless of the gummy flavor you choose, you will part with $20.00. Jewlz Jamz gummiez come with 250mg CBD oil extract, which means that each gummy contains 25mg CBD oil extract.

Jewlz Jamz CBD Jam

Selling at $20, Jewlz Jamz contain 200mg CBD oil extract and are a convenient and delicious way of taking a CBD dosage. These jams are meant to offer the nutritious and healing benefits of CBD oil, part of it being stress and anxiety relief, calming pain, insomnia, inflammation, and heightening the user’s moods. Jewlz Jamz jams come in three different flavors: strawberry, blackberry, and raspberry. Irrespective of the Jewlz Jamz CBD jam flavor you choose, the cost remains the same. The jams are gluten free, dairy free, and vegan-friendly.

Jewlz Jamz 500MG Tincture

Packed with 500mg of hemp oil extract, this product has peppermint and sells at $40.00. You can find Jewlz Jamz tinctures in most US stores, and you still can place an online order. This tincture offers the user a calm, heightens moods, relieves stress, anxiety, and pains.

Are Jewlz Jamz Products Fairly Priced?

Jewlz Jamz gummiez are sold in packs of 10 pieces. Considering that each gummy has 25mg CBD oil extract and the entire pack goes for $20.00, the price is quite unfair. This is because every single gummy’s price translates to $2.00, which is unreasonably high. Most competing gummy brands with 25mg CBD oil cost as little as $0.70. However, Jewlz Jamz jams and tinctures are fairly priced when compared to market rates.

Jewlz Jamz Final Thoughts

While there is not much information on Jewlz Jamz products on their web page, we believe that these products are made using high-quality standards. Jewlz Jamz CBD edibles are well packaged and easy to identify. Considering the health and nutrition benefits that Jewlz Jamz products` come with, we suggest that you try them.

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