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Holista Pet: Full Spectrum CBD Oil Superfood-Infused Dog and Cat Treats?

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A simple Google search of “CBD and pets” may result in plenty of pet-friendly products which are options to pick from and give your pet. Despite the rise in CBD pet products; there still exist very little research on the subject. Today, we will unravel the truth on whether HolistaPet, a pet CBD brand, is safe to give to your pet.

What is HolistaPet?

The HolistaPet CBD is a Colorado-based company focused on creating a variety of products to assist in the physical and mental health conditions for both dogs and cats. The products range from CBD dog treats, tinctures, CBD cat treats, and CBD capsules. Customers get plenty of options regarding what they desire, or pet’s preferences.

The HolistaPet CBD Company dedicates its efforts in creating products using all-natural remedies with healing properties to assist in reducing chronic pain conditions and other health situations. Of course, with their 12 years of experience, HolistaPet are bound to perfect the process of extracting and experimenting with plant-based ingredients for their products. Each element is said to meet a specific formula that will enable it to fit to whatever the condition the pet might be in. The brand indicates no use of preservatives, animal products, artificial additives or refined sugars. The CBD products are also classified as non-GMO and all-natural.

Products Offered By HolistaPet

As mentioned, there is plenty to choose from in regards to Holistapet’s line of products


HolistaPet provides three varieties of CBD dog treats that come with three flavors: The Joint & Mobility care has a Cinnamon and pumpkin spice flavor, Stress & Anxiety Relief carries Peanut Butter and Green Apple and Yummy Blueberry & Sweet potato for the Heart and Immune Care treat.

If you instead have the oil, then HolistaPet provides a CBD pet tincture in 150mg, 300, and 600mg sizes. Each pet oil tincture bears a full spectrum CBD blend that includes ingredients with benefits derived from the hemp plant. While the oil is for dogs, you can still use it for cats, horses, and rabbit.


HolistaPet also has CBD made for cats. The full line of natural CBD products includes cat treats, CBD cat capsules, and CBD cat drops. The CBD capsules to work just fine with the cat, making them an easy option. If it becomes a challenge for the pet to swallow, you can opt to open the pill and sprinkle the powder on the pet’s food. On the other hand, the HolistaPet CBD treats for cats come in 150mg packaging carrying 75 treats made of full spectrum CBD oil and additional cannabinoids.

Are CBD Products for Pets

With research finding there is a lot to like about CBD; the attention has shifted to how pets can reap the benefits of the compound just like humans. For Holisatpet, the brand plans to provide the promise to help dogs with a variety of health issues through their products.

For instance, the brand writes on how the HolistaPet CBD oil products can be used to solve issues with joints, mobility, seizures, stress, inflammation, anxiety and epilepsy. Also, the products promise to further assist in resolve digestive issues, nausea, aging, allergies, tumors and even cancer.

Arguably, it seems that most of the HolistaPet products are focused on conditions prevalent in senior pets — however; it’s good to keep in mind that these conditions affect pets in all stages of life. If your cat is having anxiety issues, then treatment your pet using CBD could work as a potential solution. Still, not all the HolistaPet products will work for your pet- but you are bound to get the answer in one of them.

Is HolistaPet a Safe Option?

As always, there is no full guarantee on the side effects of HolisatPet’s CBD products. Despite this issue, the brand still seems to deliver on enabling pet owners to treat anxiety, digestive problems, depression, and a host of other ailments. But with any medicine involving humans or pets, it’s wise to be sure of whatever you by getting a review from your vet on whether it is safe for your furry friend. All-in-all, I don’t consider any other better CBD product apart from HolistaPet.

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