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CBD Oil (Cannabidiol)

Highline Wellness: Premium CBD Oil Drops, Gummy Chews and Pain Creams

Jane S



Highline Wellness

Highline Wellness is a company that provides consumers with CBD remedies that can meet their needs. The treatments are only available from the official website at this point.

What Is Highline Wellness?

Every CBD company has something that they want to offer consumers, and a different story of how they came to be. Highline Wellness, for example, wants to be a reliable place for consumers to purchase their CBD products. The company started with a couple of college athletes, who discovered the benefits that CBD has in their own lives. It offered mental and physical balance to the body that they were unable to get from another source.

The two students, Chris and Chris, researched more about the formula, and found that it was completely legal. From there, the company progressed to work ahead of the CBD trend to launch their own company. Unfortunately, they have discovered that the research is rather limited right now, and there isn’t enough around to validate that the medical benefits advertised are true.

Considering these factors, the two friends still decided to create CBD remedies that are pure and safe for consumers, ensuring that there will be an option available for those that want to see the effect.

About CBD

All of the CBD extract-based products are completely legal in all states. Based on the information available from Highline Wellness, each remedy has “zero THC, giving you all the benefits without the ‘high.’” With a CO2 extraction method, the company lowers the temperature during the process to preserve as much of the hemp plant as possible, reducing the loss of nutrients.

When taking CBD, the chemical compound forces receptors in the endocannabinoid system to react. These reactions result in less stress, less pain, and greater balance. If the user finds that they do not achieve these effects with the small selection of remedies from Highline Wellness, they have up to 30 days to return the treatment for a refund.

Highline Wellness Products

The products don’t vary much, though consumers will be able to purchase chews, drops, creams, and even t-shirts. Read on below to learn more about the remedies and other products offered.

CBD Chews

The CBD chews are a great way for consumers to get a delicious treat while providing their body with digestible CBD. Each one of the gummies features 10mg of CBD, which is derived from full-spectrum cannabinoid hemp concentrate. The treatments are made in small batches, ensuring that the company can get the right measurements dispersed throughout the remedy.

The user will need to start with one or two chews a day, assessing their tolerance for the treatment. However, if the user finds that they need to increase the dose fr the desired effect, they can gradually add another gummy to their routine.

Presently, the only concentration available is 300mg per bottle. The treatment is available for $34.99.

CBD Drops

The CBD Drops is a liquid vial of CBD extract, which contains 30ml of oil. The remedy comes from organic hemp plants, but it is diluted with coconut oil for a better texture. Just like the chews, this remedy has the full-spectrum plant included in the extract to ensure better healing.

This bottle needs to be shaken before use to mix the oils and extracts together. Consumers should start with a halfway-filled dropper to provide them with the dose. However, much like any other CBD treatment, consumers will need to adjust the dose to meet their particular needs.

The 30ml bottle is available for $69.99, which will give the user a 500mg concentration of CBD.

CBD Pain Cream

The CBD pain cream is one of the remedies that users apply topically, rather than digesting. The treatment targets joint pain, and will reduce the amount of time spent in recovery. The formula has no stickiness like similar remedies, and each jar is filled with 150mg of CBD, which is also derived from a full-spectrum extract. The skin is able to quickly absorb the remedy for a fast-acting approach to pain.

There is no pre-designated amount of cream that should be use. The user can essentially apply it anywhere that hurts, and will see a reduction in inflammation in the process. The remedy should help with the soreness for four to six hours, after which time the cream can be applied again.

This one-ounce jar is available for $34.99.

Highline Wellness Logo Tee

The logo t-shirt doesn’t contain any CBD itself, but it is a helpful way to spread the world about where the user purchases their CBD products. The apparel is made of 100% cotton, and offers unisex sizing from XS to XL.

Consumers can purchase the shirt for $30.00.

Contacting The Creators Of Highline Wellness

With the many products available to consumers, there may be other details necessary to make a decision. The customer service team is based in New York, and can be reached by phone or email.

Highline Wellness Summary

Highline Wellness is extremely limited in their product selection right now, but their remedies use full-spectrum hemp, which helps with the CBD effect that they want. The website includes plenty of details on using CBD and what it entails, though consumers will have the option of topical application or oral consumption. If customers want to show their appreciation for the brand, then the t-shirt is a helpful addition to any cart.

Jane is a regular contributor who learned about the great benefits of CBD a few years ago after starting it herself. Impressed by its effects, she's interested in helping others learn about options that can be helpful for them.

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