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Hemp Well: CBD Oil Pet Relief Products for Dogs, Cats, Horses and Birds

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Like humans, animals have the tendency to experience anxiety, inflammation, and reduced mobility to name a few. This is mostly witnessed in older animals; however, this doesn’t mean said concerns are not applicable to younger animals. This is where the use of cannabidiol-infused essentials can bring positive health effects.

Both humans and animals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is naturally found in their bodies. Since the body forms cannabinoid receptors, ingesting naturally derived cannabinoid essentials has the potential to interact and promote wellness. Hence, the reason why cannabinoids are highly praised. The reason for choosing cannabidiol (CBD) as the main component is primarily because it makes up nearly 40% of the cannabis plant. Knowing this, what can be done to ensure pets’ health are not compromised? Here’s where we will introduce Hemp Well for Pets.

Hemp Well for Pets initially offered CBD essentials to humans but has since switched to caring for pets in 2015. What contributed towards the change in target market? What different means of relief are offered for pets? This review will answer the questions asked along with providing further analysis on Hemp Well for Pets as needed.

What is Hemp Well for Pets?

As previously mentioned, Hemp Well for Pets was originally tailored to meet the needs of humans. Their decision to transition from humans to pets started from the founder, Ryan Richmond’s very home. In particular, the yearn to better their family’s rescue cat, Ginger was what motivated them to enter the pet industry. Thanks to Ginger, Hemp Well for Pets has expanded to the point where different animals can reap the benefits of CBD.

Who Does Hemp Well for Pets Offer for?

The average CBD company normally offers a one-size-fits-all kind of essential for pets, this however is not the case with Hemp Well for Pets, as they offer unique solutions for dogs, cats, horses and even birds. Most of the products are offered for dogs (10), followed by cats (6), horses (3) and birds (3).


The main product found within the line of products targeting dogs is varying strength levels of Hemp Relief, with Hemp Relief 300 containing the maximum concentration of CBD (300mg). As for its purpose, it has been proclaimed to assist with joint and hip pain, ease discomfort, induce a sense of relaxation and offer immune support. In addition to CBD, the solution also contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, for full absorption and nutrients delivery.

Next, we have the Hemp Omegas, which come in oil and soft chews format. One of the reasons for carrying a line of omegas is to help preserve the overall quality of hemp extracts’ healthy fats. To ensure that dogs have a safe source of healthy fats, the Hemp Omegas are said to contain precursors to DHA and EPA, which are similar to those found in fish. This essential is recommended to attain better immune system and to rid the body of inflammation.

The Calm Pet is a CBD-infused product for pets that helps to rid dogs of anxiety and stress. Sometimes, the smallest and loudest noises can startle dogs (i.e. fireworks, travel, or even grooming), with this oil, dogs are believed to feel better with optimal comfort. Finally, the Hemp Balm was designed to maximize dogs’ noses, skin and paws health. Each balm is said to be free of allergens and stains.


Some of the CBD-infused products designed for dogs appear to be suitable for cats as well. This includes the Hemp Relief, Hemp Omegas, and the Hemp Balm.


Hemp Well for Pets currently offers three unique solutions, which include the Bird 100, Bird Hemp, and the Calm Bird.

The first essential contains 100mg of CBD, which is deemed the maximum birds can ingest. Some of its supposed benefits include bettering a bird’s immune system, rid birds of their “destructive” behaviours and ensure optimal relaxation has been attained. Additionally, its uses can support joint and heart health as well. An alternative to the Bird 100, is the Bird Hemp, which appears to be designed at lesser quantities of CBD.

Lastly, the Calm Bird, like that designed for dogs and cats, aims to help ease birds when they experience nervousness, screaming or any environmentally-created stress.


As for horses, Hemp Well for Pets carries Horse Hemp, Hemp Relief 300 and Hemp Omegas, which have been created to support joint, immune and heart health, and induce relaxation respectively.

Hemp Well Review Summary

Overall, it is clear that Hemp Well for Pets means well, as they’ve considered every possible concern that animals like dogs, cats, birds and horses might experience. In addition to their organic approach towards hemp-derived CBD, Hemp Well for Pets has also considered healthy alternatives to essential vitamins and minerals that are deemed safe for animals.

One example of this is the Hemp Omegas, where the bottle’s label offers a comparison of the precursors of DHA and EPA used in relation to that of fish, flax seed and corn oil. This indicates their interest, which is to bring awareness to pet owners. Similarly, doses have been recommended based on animals’ size, which is crucial in ensuring safe dosage.

Finally, when it comes to Hemp Well for Pets’ affordability, animals are offered goods that range between $13.99 and $129.99, which makes sense considering the concentration of CBD, additional ingredients and the unique infusions made available. To learn more about Hemp Well for Pets via their educational blogs, go to:

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