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Hemp Botanics: CBD Oils, Dabs, Water, Skincare, Patches, Pills And Gummies?

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Hemp Botanics

The era of hemp is upon us. All over the world, governments are beginning to relax their relation of—and rhetoric against—hemp, CBD, and marijuana products. As a consequence, the golden age of the use of CBD and hemp-based products for a variety of healing and recreational practices has allowed millions of citizens globally to enjoy a new kind of comfort provided by the plant. The United Kingdom has been particularly hard bit by the CBD and hemp bug, with millions of Brits hopping onto the bandwagon this year.

With all this interest in trying out the next big thing in Hemp, there should be no surprise that the hemp and CBD industry has grown significantly in the past couple of years. But with this growth in healthy competition, variety, and quality has come an onslaught of poorer companies with inferior products. It has become difficult, in fact, for lovers of hemp to weed out the pros from the novices, and the quality product producers from the chasers of the next big fad.

Hemp Botanics is yet another product of the hemp explosion of the 21st century. Offering a wide variety of hemp and CBD products, the company is known for their discreet delivery service, same-day delivery, and the quality American source of the hemp used in their products. They also run a somewhat popular blog which has garnered favorable attention for its helpful advice and product expansions.

In the infancy years of a budding CBD and hemp industry in the UK, consumers must conduct due research before making any purchase—especially if their intended use is self-medicating in nature. This guide will explain some of the pros, cons, and things-to-know about the UK-based Hemp Botanics company.

Hemp Botanics Quality Sourcing

As their name might lead a visitor to believe, this company bases much of their image on the quality of the botanical product upon which their product is based. Hemp is taken from the marijuana plant, of course. This is often a clear fact which American companies seek to hide, due to the negative public sentiment sometimes associated with the recreationally-used plant and its flowers. But this company, based in London, has actually taken an entirely different approach.

This small organization has decided to embrace the plant-based nature of their products, featuring a backdrop of hemp plants as its main theme behind a moving slideshow of their features on their main home page. Even more importantly, they explain in plain letters in this slide show that their hemp is sourced from quality American manufacturers. This is surely a good sign for any well-researched fan of hemp. The American hemp growing businesses of Colorado, California, and a few other key hemp-friendly states are among the best in the world.

Starting with such quality hemp seems to be key to the branding and public image of Hemp Botanics, their very name suggesting that they seek not to separate from, but to embrace the plant-based nature of their trade and product. To this end, it is very refreshing to see a non-American company sourcing its quality hemp from the top hemp farms across the ocean in the United States.

Hemp Botanics Products

One thing that this company does very well is its efforts to separate the site into THC and non-THC products. Though many within the industry often seem to forget, some people are allergic or possess an aversion to THC itself, but might be interested in CBD. As a result, Hemp Botanics has split their product page into two sections, one whose products include THC and one whose products are without.

To this end, the company boasts an exceptional—nearly excessive—list of products. This has become largely standard within the CBD and hemp industry, as any company worth its salt will have its site stacked with hundreds of products to solve a variety of problems and serve a litany of purposes for the diverse customer-base prowling the web for their CBD products.

Hemp Botanics Public Reception

Public reception is perhaps the most important aspect of any review in this industry. The CBD community has a particularly good level of communication of ideas and reviews, and companies dropping shoddy products often will not get very far, Luckily, there seems to be nothing but good will from the hemp community towards this London hemp company.

Reviews on Trust Pilot give the company a favorable rating of four stars, with its reviewers praising the company for quality service, top-notch products, and quick delivery.

The COR CBD Reviewers team embodies research-driven dedication by delivering finely-churned and freshly-minted reviews of cannabidiol and hemp supplements to help clear customer confusion. As consumers, we only want the best quality as the top priority. As reviewers, we want to dig deep into the company and product line and design in-depth deep dives for examining a brand's history, ingredient sourcing, purity origins, taste, customer service, shipping support, return refund policy, pricing and third-party lab results.

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