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Green Zebra CBD Hemp Oil Products: Quality Edibles, Capsules and Tinctures

Jane S



green zebra cbd hemp oil products

Green Zebra CBD is a company that resells products from Green Roads World, along with CBD distillery products. The remedies allow for support for both humans and animals.

What is Green Zebra CBD?

Figuring out the best way to offer wellness support to the body is more than just finding a supplement. Consumers need to be able to find pure ingredients that have not been overly processed with chemicals, diluting the performance that they would otherwise have. Every company is handling the options differently, and some offer distribution services of another company’s products, like Green Zebra CBD.

Rather than developing their own remedies, Green Zebra CBD is a source where consumers can purchase Green Roads World and CBD Distillery products. The company features on online shop with about 150 products right now, and they have been offering their marketplace for about a year. Each one of the remedies touches on different users’ needs.

Products from Green Zebra CBD

With so many remedies to choose from, consumers can take a look at the most popular items to see what other customers are leaning towards. Read on below to learn about five remedies that seem to attract the attention of frequent Green Zebra CBD shoppers.

PET CBD Full Spectrum Oil Tincture

Just like humans have an endocannabinoid system that responds to the use of CBD. This treatment caters to the needs of pets, containing 150mg of CBD inside a bottle. The treatment uses cold-pressed CBD oil, and has a similar effect to what humans can expect.

Consumers only need to give their pet about two droppers of the remedy, which is about 2ml. The tincture is available for $24.37.

Isolate Vegan CBD Gummies

Some customers do not like how the CBD oil tastes from the tinctures, or prefer a more exact dose, which is what the gummies are for. There is no gelatin, affording the luxury of being a vegan remedy. Each one of the gummies has 30mg of CBD, and there are enough for 30 daily treatments. There is no THC included, but it is created with hemp CBD oil that comes from both the stalks and stems of the hemp plant. It includes multiple ingredients to help with the fruity and sweet flavor.

The gummies are available for $49.99.

Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

The Full Spectrum CBD Tincture is the most basic of options for any CBD oil because it allows the user to adjust the amount that they want to use, based on their own tolerance and how great of an effect that they want to achieve. The 30ml bottle includes a dropper in the lid, which makes it easy to take this remedy while away from home as well.

The full spectrum tinctures come in varying concentrations, which range from though it starts at $44.99.

CBD Vape Pen

Vaping is a popular method for getting a dose of CBD, considering how easy it is to take along and use on an as-needed basis. Recently, the company made a new option available from this line – a disposable vape pen that holds 200mg of CBD. The pack offers three assorted flavors, which are lavender vanilla, grape, and strawberry lemonade. Each one helps with the calmness and serenity that comes with the use of CBD, and there is no THC involved to get the effect.

This pen is available in a three-pack for $47.95.

CBD Dab Crystals

The CBD Dab Crystals are extremely potent, and the website says it is the most “versatile form of CBD possible, with 99.9% purity.” To get this product, the creators take the secondary product that comes from the extraction process, resulting in the formation of crystalized molecules, which is why it is called crystalline isolate. To use it, the website recommends adding it to food or drinks, since the subtle taste should not alter the flavor of the recipe that its in.

The 1000mg package is available for $71.86.

Contacting Green Zebra CBD

Since there is so much information at the customer’s disposal on the website, there may be a need to clarify details with the customer service team. While there is no phone number, consumers can reach out by sending an email to [email protected]

Green Zebra CBD Review Summary

Green Zebra offers many types of remedies for customers to get what they want. Even though the products above reflect a fraction of the product line, consumers should visit the online shop to see the full expansiveness of what this brand sells. Each one has different concentrations that can help the consumer.

If the potential user has a current dietary regimen in place, or had to take a prescription, then they should speak with a doctor before adding the remedies to their routine.

Jane is a regular contributor who learned about the great benefits of CBD a few years ago after starting it herself. Impressed by its effects, she's interested in helping others learn about options that can be helpful for them.

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