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Green Hills Health Hemp Oil: Full Spectrum Premium 1,000mg Liquid Extract

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Green Hills Health Hemp Oil

Since the legalization of hemp under the 2014 Farm Bill, users of the plant’s products continue to raise questions on exactly what are the most effective extracting methods, administration means and most of all, quality products to use.

Most users would prefer the situation of picking a product to be easy. However, that is not the case at your local health store. Fortunately, we got to do the legwork and bring you a review of a hemp oil product that you’ll probably want to check out at your local health store or online. As we will see, Green Hills Health’s Hemp oil might appeal to you.

About Green Hills Health

Greens Hills Health is an American staple brand with a range of supplements for a variety of reasons. Currently, the health and wellness company maintain a catalogue of three products: The Thyroid Support Supplement, Hemp Oil 1000mg hemp oil and the natural anxiety supplements. Their hemp supplement from Green Hills Health combines a classic blend of 100% hemp seed oil and domestic hemp extract of 10mg to offer the much needed therapeutic benefits of the tincture contents.

Beyond their immaculate composition, the Green Hill Health Hemp oil comes in a 4 FL OZ bottle containing a 1000mg concentration of the hemp seed extracts. Also, the hemp oil is listed as full spectrum to ascertain its health benefits if included in the daily dietary regime. Taken daily, each 4 oz. bottle will cost you upwards of $79.95 and lasts approximately four months if taken as recommended.

What We Love With From Hemp Oil

  • Its full spectrum: The term ‘full spectrum’ has been thrown around especially when it comes to hemp and CBD extracts or oils. In the case of Green Hill Health Hemp oil the full spectrum indication would mean the hemp oil plus other minor hemp extracts and terpenes(natural orange flavor) to give an ‘entourage effect’ together with the therapeutic benefits.
  • Best at pain relief: Unlike most of the hemp oil products we got to review, Green Hill Health Hemp oil stands out for its focus on offering a practical and systematic pain reliever, if taken daily. Most importantly, the brand and customers ascertain the hemp oil as effective in nerve pain, chronic pain, joint and arthritis pain.
  • Bigger and better: Although the brand indicates that the 4 FL oz. bottle with 1000mg as having the same strength as its 250mg 1 FL oz. Bottle, the former remains an ideal option if you are looking for numerous preventative benefits of the full-spectrum hemp oil.

Is it Worth the Risk?

It would be unfair to not recommend the Green Hill Health Hemp oil without proper reason. The only perhaps downside was the single orange flavor that would be a deal breaker for some, but not all customers. Aside from that, The Green Hill Health Hemp oil is perhaps the best bargain product considering its quality and quantity. It may seem expensive to some, but remember quality doesn’t cheaply.

David Renfrew is just now beginning his journey at COR but has found himself on the forefront of the Canadian cannabis culture and marijuana movement. Among being a vocal CBD advocate, Dave is also a politically active father, author, small business owner and fierce reader of fiction and non-fiction. While early, the strong research skills and truly gifted writing talent make David one of our top editors.

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