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Fully Licensed Seed-To-Sale Medical Cannabis Company Univo Partners with GrowX for a Market Take Over

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Fully Licensed Seed-To-Sale Medical Cannabis Company Univo Partners with GrowX for a Market Take Over

Israel is the home to a cannabis company called Univo, who is one of the few companies that has managed to create a brand that is based on seed-to-sale protocols in developing their products. A recent announcement shows that they have decided to collaborate with GrowX, making it possible for Israel to become a major spot for distributing medical cannabis.

During this partnership, Univo plans to develop a sizable facility to help them expand their distribution of medical cannabis. Right now, Univo happens to be one of the only companies in the world that has been licensed in every aspect of development, from cultivation to distribution.

Along with the creation of the new facility, GrowX will purchase 2kg of cannabis oil from Univo every month, and the agreement has been set up for three years. Overall, as the contract is fulfilled, Univo stands to make $1.8 million USD from the sales.

As Univo produces new formulas, they primarily focus on remedies that help with:

Adding to these priorities, the company aims to bring support for oral pain, ADHD in children, skin treatments, and pain from intestinal problems. Golan Bitton, the CEO of Univo, said, “The global market shift from recreational to legalized cannabis, along with Univo’s unique position of seed to market control, will place our company as a prominent leader in research and development of medical cannabis products. Our partnership with GrowX, and the state-of-the-art facility in the works will allow us to continue using groundbreaking techniques, in hopes of growing high-quality cannabis, and developing a diverse product line.”

Considering the funds required to take on the production and manufacturing of cannabis products, developing a varied line of products is often overwhelming and out of reach for companies. With Univo’s licensing and the low production costs in Israel, the company can keep their costs low for the best distribution across the market. This is major news for the global cannabis industry, and it will hopefully encourage other brands to advance as well.

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