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Florida’s Finest: Medical Marijuana And Pure CBD/THC Oil Vape Cartridge Products

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Florida's Finest

Florida is supposedly known for its plants and the nutrients-dense soil in which they sprout from. Many believe that the richness of the soil is what is held responsible for the numerous health benefits each growing plant offers. Today, the cannabis sativa plant – home to both hemp and marijuana – has shed light on the return of plant-based medicines. In particular, because of the compounds housed in the said plant, some of which include cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN), cannabichromene (CBC) and terpenes. This is where Florida’s Finest comes into play.

Given the rich nutrients Floridian soil has to offer, Florida’s Finest is simply representative of it, that is in the form of cannabinoids’ infusions. To see how Florida’s Finest stands out, assessing their core values along with the products offered is essential.

About Florida’s Finest

As the cannabis market continues to grow, trying to beat out the bad within the good becomes a must, as not all essentials are made equally. Based on the claims made, Florida’s Finest is exemplary of what it means to value quality of products and consumers’ safety. This has been reflected in their organic approach in growing the plants, along with ridding the use of toxic pesticides and chemicals.

To ensure medical marijuana patients and other consumers are confident in the products offered, Florida’s Finest offers lab results on an individualistic way. That is, upon entering the batch number found on each essential, consumers will get hold of every inch of detail regarding the very essential being held. This is rarely the case, as most firms simply provide general results of what one can expect in terms of a product (not one’s own).

Adding to the confidence that Florida’s Finest builds within consumers, they have since been fully transparent in terms of what each product contains, and what area they might be effective in healing. More specifically, possible solutions have also been suggested in the event that an unforeseen issue arises with respect to a product.

To further develop on this point, let’s quickly look over Florida’s Finest products offered.

Florida’s Finest Products

As seen in the products offered, Florida’s Finest emphasizes on vaping essentials. This does not come of surprise, as vaping cannabinoids have been deemed most efficient and immediate because it bypasses the digestive system and directly enters the bloodstream. As for the essentials themselves, consumers can expect anything from the battery to the cartridge.

Each of the cartridges offered claims to contain 0.5ml of oil along with 450mg of active cannabinoids. For clarity purposes, each individual cartridge has been labeled with the breakdown of the cannabinoids along with its overall potency.

Here’s a sample look to get a better idea as to what Florida’s Finest is all about:

Art’s OG Variable Flow Pure Oil Cartridge ($60)

Art’s OG claims to comprise of a hybrid strain that is Indica-dominant. For those who enjoy chocolate, this might be the cartridge to go with because of its chocolaty/ cocoa flavor it offers. Because it focuses more on the Indica strain, its ingestion can possibly lead to easing chronic pain and inflammation, with the Sativa strain helping to ease anxiety, stress and other related symptoms.

As for its contents, Art’s OG is 78.7% THC and 0.01% CBD. Interestingly, it also contains five different types of terpenes, which include A-Pinene, Myrcene, Limonene, B-Caryophyllene and Linalool.

Tillamook Strawberry Variable Flow Pure Oil Cartridge ($60)

While Art’s OG is Indica-dominant, Tillamook Strawberry is reasoned as being Sativa-dominant, which implies that it is most effective in easing the mind and the different emotions felt. Tillamook is a supposedly a cross between the strains, Bruce Banner and Gobstopper, which is the reason why it’s known highly for its Sativa strain.

Of all the cartridges made available, Tillamook contains the highest possible THC content, that is 84% of the entire solution. Based on the different information provided by Florida’s Finest, one is surely to feel relaxed, while feeling extremely hungry. As for the possible symptoms it could relieve, stress makes it to the top of the list, followed by insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Other products include the Myakka Native (Sativa-dominant), Granddaddy Purple (Indica-dominant), and Black Jack (Indica-dominant) – all of which are also offered for $60.

Florida’s Finest Final Thoughts

According to the analysis above, Florida’s Finest appears to be a brand of value. Not only have they considered the overall quality of each product, but equal importance has been given to building trust relationships with consumers and ensuring that the solutions offered are affordable.

Clearly, Florida’s Finest’s approach relies on using the whole plant, as opposed to merely CBD, which is preferred among most competition. While their focus on THC might be deemed problematic among consumers, especially because of its psychoactive properties, this goes to show that it too is a cannabinoid deserving of the spotlight in relation to one’s health.

As for the pricing, Florida’s Finest has since offered a “pricing guide”, in which consumers have a better idea as what value their investments carry, i.e. supply, daily usage, and THC presence. To learn more about Florida’s Finest and their continuous efforts in bringing diverse solutions, check out:

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