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Every Day Optimal CBD: Oil Tinctures, Gummies, Edibles, E-Liquids, Gum and Rubs

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everyday optimal cbd

Every Day Optimal CBD is a company that focuses on high-quality products from hemp that are engineered to have a low enough THC profile to avoid psychoactive effects. The treatments can be purchased directly from the website, considering that there are presently no other stockists listed.

What is Every Day Optimal CBD?

The popularity of CBD has led many CBD companies to come into the health supplement industry, like Every Day Optimal CBD. Every Day Optimal CBD was founded in 2016, when the founders Alex Gould and Frederik Drejfald decided to pursue farmers in Colorado that would be interested in developing cannabis that is grown with a high content of CBD, while aiming low on THC. Ultimately, they found farmers that were already doing this, and they developed the Every Day Optimal CBD brand.

They focused on hemp-based compounds and maintained a focus on creating quality formulas. Now, the company has many different remedies to pick from, taking advantage of the benefits that CBD provides. Their business keeps the company primarily in the UDA, and they only source from pesticide-free hemp plants.

This is one of the CBD companies that has doctors on staff to vouch for the treatments. Their doctors on staff, Dr. Jack Isler and Dr. Victor Chou, are supporters of the medical marijuana movement. Dr. Chou is responsible for founder Louisiana’s first clinic for medical marijuana. Dr. Isler was previously an anesthesiologist for over three decades but has since been involved in the nutritional and health aspects of marijuana for quite some time. He also maintains a blog on pain relief therapies, which includes information for CBD.

Products from Every Day Optimal CBD

The main selection of remedies from Every Day Optimal CBD comes in four different formats –

  • Gummies and edibles
  • Oil tinctures
  • Capsules
  • E-liquids

This isn’t the full selection, but consumers can learn about them by reading on below. Every treatment comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, ensuring that anyone who is dissatisfied with their selection is able to get a full refund. Furthermore, to prove the purity of the products, the company putters all of their treatments through a third-party testing session with an unrelated lab.

Gummies and Edibles

Some consumers prefer to have a treat with their CBD remedy, which is exactly the purpose of the Gummies and other edibles available from Every Day Optimal. The gummies have a sweet and sour taste, but they infused with intense doses of CBD “to calm your nervous system and ease insomnia, anxiety, depression, and reduce chronic and acute pain from arthritis and fibromyalgia.” Each gummy features a 10mg dose, and there are 30 services in each bottle for $59.99.

Along with gummies, the website also offers CBD gum with the same dose, offering a “cool mint” flavor. This remedy has a long-lasting effect and comes with 8 gum tablets for $24.99.

Oil Tinctures

Before choosing a tincture, the user needs to decide if the remedy is for themselves or a pet. For the regular tinctures, customers can purchase a dose as low as 300mg or as high as 10,000mg, starting at $39.99. The low 300mg dose is the most popular product of the company and is ideal for consumers that have not used CBD before, due to the relaxing effect. The 10,000mg dose, however, can have a strong effect on the user’s sleep, mood, and digestion, and it starts at $578.


The capsules are a good option for consumers that want an exact dose and don’t want to taste any CBD oil in the process. There are 10mg, 15mg, 25mg, 50mg, and 200mg doses available, which come in a 30-serving bottle. The remedy starts at $59.99 for the lowest dose and is helpful for consumers that chronic issues with pain and anxiety.


For consumers that want to integrate CBD into their vaping sessions, Every Day Optimal has e-liquids. They are available in either the 300mg or 1,000 mg varieties, which each the same three flavors to choose from, which are:

  • Strawberry Cream
  • Honey Melon Kush
  • Marshmallow Magic

Unlike some e-liquids, these options are nicotine free, and use a CBD isolate with a 70/30 VG/PG split. The oil can be added directly to the vaping device in the same way that the consume normally fills it. While vaping, consumers can expect to experience better relaxation, less stress, less pain, less inflammation, and benefit from better sleep. However, based on the dose, it is not strong enough to fight against severe or chronic pain. The 300mg dose starts at $39.99.

Value Pack Options from Every Day Optimal

Along with the regular products, Every Day Optimal CBD makes it easy for consumers to be fully prepared for their needs. Right now, there are three value packs. The first one is available for $189.99, offering the 25mg capsules, a 1,000mg tincture, and two packs of the CBD gum. This package contains more products than any of the others, and retails for $250.

The second pack has two bottles of the gummies instead, along with two packs of the CBD gum as well, for $129.99. The final value pack is available for $97, and it has the 300mg CBD tincture, a bottle of the gummies, and a pack of the gum.

Contacting Every Day Optimal

Since Every Day Optimal CBD provides about the same selection as bigger CBD-based companies do, there are bound to be questions that need clarification before a purchase is made. The customer service team is available by phone call or by filling out the online form with contact information and a message.

The phone number for Every Day Optimal CBD is 1-833-228-8584. The team is available on weekdays from 9:00am to 4:00pm EST. Consumers can also


Every Day Optimal CBD has a very small selection of products, but consumers get the most variety in their ability to choose the right dosage for these ingredients. The company caters to anyone from beginners to long-term experts of CBD, and the doctors on staff add further validity to their claims of quality. With third-party testing as well, consumers can feel more confident in a purchase from this brand.

The team is a highly-touted and heavily-talented group who prides themselves on being discipline, diligent and dedicated in researching with an attention to detail for providing crystal clear clarity. As a whole, the COR editorial staff intends to uphold a promise in delivering daily cannabis news, CBD Oil hemp supplement reviews and friendly marijuana health guides.

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