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Dope on a Rope Hemp Infused Soap: Refreshing Eucalyptus Peppermint Essential Blend

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dope on a rope

Chances are you are reading this perhaps in search of a hemp skincare product that can offer the much-needed accuracy and consistency in delivering what you need. While finding the best will require you do a bit of homework, we’ve gone ahead to do some due diligence on your behalf an evaluate some of the market’s best and recommended products.

One product that we have found to be incredibly lovely in aiding skin health is the super awesome Dope-on-a-rope. Yes! Read on and discover what the different soap has to offer.

What is Dope-on-a-Rope Soap?

Dope on a rope is just that a hemp-based soap attached to a rope. We discovered these soaps when we came across hemp-based novelty gifts during gifts that ‘marijuana’ individuals would love during the holiday. Perhaps the best selling point was that the soaps come shaped like the actual hemp leaf with an end attached to the rope.

The Ingredients

These soaps come packed with great oils and essential ingredients great for your skin, and with no harsh ingredients. This particular strain of hemp soap is infused with hemp seed oil together with sustainable palm oil, coconut oil, and safflower oil. All these components can be helpful in refreshing, revitalizing, moisturizing and protect the skin from some adverse conditions such as acne, dryness and even eczema.

The contents you’ll find in Dope on rope soap are all organic and human-friendly too- for example, peppermint oil is only meant to leave a cooling effect after showering with the soap and has no adverse effects. While we were planning on getting a bunch of the soaps as novelty gifts for our friends, each 4.5oz soap piece would end up costing us $9.99.

What’s Unique With the Soap?

  • Design: Perhaps the most attractive feature with the Dope on a rope soap is its hemp-leaf design. We do confess that most customers are only willing to try it out perhaps primarily due to the shape it comes in.
  • Contents: However, we also do consider that the content of the soap is what brought us here in the first place. You’ll find that Dope on a rope lists no artificial additives or substances presents.
  • Cooling effects: Another fact to hang on to is the presence of Eucalyptus Peppermint Essential oil that leaves a ‘mint-like’ feeling on your body after a bath.
  • Convenience: Rather than leave your precious soap to fade in a wet soap dish, Dope-on-a-rope provides the added comfort of hanging your soap after use as a hand soap, body soap, and bathroom décor.

Concluding Thoughts

Arguably Dope-on-a-rope is crafted with a fun perspective in mind. Still, the soap gets a thumbs-up for actually getting its organic contents right in order. But, we still feel let the only thing that let us down is that the soap seems to go quickly and the option of buying end each time is expensive. Therefore, as a novelty gift it is great but for a daily shower routine, it might cost you.

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