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Cheeba Chews: Healthy Cannabis Infused Taffy Hemp Chews Product

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cheeba chews

There are many ways that cannabis enthusiasts can consume their favorite herb. Millions of people across the world choose to vape or smoke cannabis, but others don’t like these methods. As such, it has led to the popularity of edibles such as Cheeba Chews as you can get ‘high’ while at the same time enjoy your sumptuous treat. However, the problem that cannabis enthusiasts face with edibles is their varying consistency. It is not rare to find edibles from the same company that gives you different results every time you consume them. That is where Cheeba Chews come in to solve this problem. According to the maker of this brand, James Howler, he understands the importance of consumers getting the same exact potency and dose every time they consume edibles. Cheeba Chews have gained a lot of popularity because they are dedicated to making potent and lab tested marijuana edibles.

What are Cheeba Chews?

These are soft, bite-sized, rectangular taffies that come with distinct strengths and different flavors. The brand has been producing potent, cannabis-infused edibles since 2009. All of their chews consist of pharmaceutical grade cannabis extract. In addition to cannabis oil, their products are made of ingredients such as corn syrup, soybean oil, cocoa, sugar, and milk. What makes this brand so successful is their focus to utilize product infusion, genuine patient experience, and independent lab testing. The lab tests for CBD, THC, and CBN ensuring a consistent ratio of these three cannabinoids. All Cheeba Chews have different potencies, giving you the same consistency every time you consume one.

About the Owner and History of the Company

James Howler, the CEO of Cheeba Chews started the company nine years ago after realizing the edibles available at the time did not have consistent doses. Hence, people found it hard to trust these edibles because one product (even from the same company) could have different potency when they were bought the next time. As a licensed medical grower, James Howler could access lots of marijuana. So he decided to create reliable edibles that achieved the same potency and consistency in dose. Mr. Howler says that his company goes the extra mile to lab test each batch of marijuana, which ensures predictable, consistent dosing. Over the years, the company has expanded significantly but it still remains self-funded and privately owned. To date, their edibles are available at more than 800 dispensaries across California and Colorado.

Types of Cheeba Chews

The company has about 11 different types of infused edibles. The Quad Dose is the company’s flagship product and contains 70 mg of THC. This chew is suitable for those who have been eating cannabis edibles for some time. It is available in both fruity and chocolate flavors. The Deca Dose is suitable for those looking for a higher dose of marijuana. It contains 175 mg of THC, making it extremely potent. This type of infused edible is suitable for patients suffering from chronic pain. The Cheeba Chews Green Hornet is probably the company’s most popular edible, with both CBD and THC infused chews. The Green Hornet includes other ingredients such as Malic Acid, Carnauba Wax, Grape Juice, Mineral Oil, Gelatin, and Corn Syrup. On the other hand, Cheeba Chews Pure CBD is a perfect option for those looking for a medicinal chew.

The benefit of Cheeba Chews are well documented. Unlike its rivals, the dose of these chews is consistent all the time. In addition, the company has a wide variety of products that can suit different tastes and needs. If you are looking for potent cannabis edibles, products such as Deca Dose or Quad Dose are perfect for you. All in all, you can trust this company to produce the highest quality marijuana edibles.

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