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Casey Research Crisis Investing: Nick Giambruno’s CBD Cannabis Craze and Marijuana Millions

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Cannabinol (CBD) is a hemp-derived substance that has been under the spotlight recently. Not only has social media coverage shown its positive effects on relieving epilepsies and physical pains, but the consumption of CBD has also drastically changed how society views solutions for health concerns such as anxiety, depression, skin concerns, animal health and much more.

Ever since the topic was discussed upon, we’ve watched CBD take on different mediums that benefit consumers, however we have yet to see it in a financial light and this has been brought to our attention by none other than Casey Research.

Casey Research’s Crisis Investing guides investors in the path towards making gains. And an interesting area that they’ve focused on is the stock market in relation to firms that focus on CBD. Now that medical marijuana and CBD are gradually being accepted as legal means in multiple states and countries, Casey Research argues that there’s no better time to invest than now!

The intent for writing this piece is to explore the different facets of Casey Research and the Crisis Investing. By doing so, investors will have a better idea as to how they can benefit from the said service along with the strategies taken by this respective firm, as strategies differ from one financial service provider to another.

What is Crisis Investing?

As previously mentioned, Crisis Investing is a research service at Casey Research. In particular, it has been proclaimed as the investment strategy that is supposed to help investors make incredible gains. It was created by Doug Casey, who published as early as the 1980s and has since made millions from it.

Crisis Investing’s Strategy

Based on the claims made, the foundation of Casey’s strategic plan starts with buying low and selling high, but with a twist. The twist is making said investments during crisis times even if this implies the intrinsic value is below average. The logic here is that eventually when the stock picks up, even if it makes a 25% gain, it means big for those who’ve invested at much lower rates.

This approach has allowed Crisis Investing to gain popularity, as the research service was successful in picking projects that made a minimum of 200% gains, some of which include Altius Minerals (4329%), Diamond Fields (4790%), Fortuna Silver Mines (514%), Silver Wheaton (656%) and Anatolia Minerals (667%). Just like these projects, Crisis Investing sees potential in CBD-related firms, given the current hype surrounding them.

What does Crisis Investing Include?

With Crisis Investing, investors will be provided with a report dubbed, “40X Your Money from the CBD Surge,” which is typically provided to Crisis members. As per the claims made, the CBD oil market is the next big thing to watch out for, therefore the report outlines the potential gains one can make over the course of a year with an unnamed stock.

The second report that comes upon joining Crisis Investing is called, “Last Chance at Marijuana Millions,” by Nick Giambruno. This report is for anyone who missed out on the gains derived from the marijuana stocks, as there supposedly still remains opportunities. According to Casey Research, medical marijuana starting to get accepted. A provided example is that of Nevada, making $30 million in the first six months since its uses have been legalized, with Washington taking in $319 million.

At the time of writing, word has it that giants such as Microsoft, Oracle, Scotts Miracle-Go are for marijuana and hemp essentials. Given that not all states have fully accepted said plants, there’s definitely still some gains waiting to be made.

As a Crisis Investing member, new editions are said to be sent out on the fourth Tuesday of each month, which lists essential information such as market insights, stock recommendations and the best moves to take considering what’s happening country-wide.

In addition to the two aforementioned reports, investors will also be offered the “De-Fang the Read Dragon and Make 11X Your Money,” which is said to be an investment opportunity for a special Chinese rock, just like the US is currently praising CBD. Also, a “Crisis Owner’s Manual,” is offered in which ways to become a “millionaire” has been noted along with how the change in leadership has affected the current market.

Casey Research’s Crisis Investing Final Thoughts

Overall, Crisis Investing is service that offers essential tools that help investors make gains. With the different issues presented via this membership, one’s knowledge is surely to better over time. The approach taken by Casey Research is impressive because it is during crisis times that stocks typically fall in prices – making the investment all the more worthwhile when the price picks back up. This is being, like any investment, there will always be some risk associated, therefore investors should be careful with how money is being spent.

What makes Casey Research’s Crisis Investing valuable is their outlook at US markets and what’s in trend along with other countries as well – especially ones like China that have issues with US. This gives investors a wider scope to consider, as opposed to sticking to a limited range. Finally, Crisis Investing does not simply look at one industry but considers potentials in all existing industries – which implies more opportunities for investors. To find out more on Crisis Investing, click here “Crisis Investing More Info

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