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Cannimal: Pet Product Hemp Extracts, Gold Concentrates, Equine, Relieve, Relax And Eva’s Blend Formulas

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Pets are important family members, and thus, most owners are committed to improving the quality of life for their furry friends. One way of achieving this goal of improving your pet’s health is by incorporating some healthy supplements. Cannimal offers a range of natural supplements for pets that contain cutting-edge blends of CBD, medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs. Read on to learn about Cannimal products and more information about the brand.

Cannimal Brand History

Erika Valentina Doria launched the Cannimal brand after going through a difficult time with her pet, a dog mutt called Eva. The vet had given Eva only one month left to live. However, Erika was able to keep Eva alive for five months thanks to alternative medicine. She was inspired to those beneficial hemp CBD formulas and products with other pet owners, hence why she set up Cannimal.

Cannimal products are designed to help pets with stress, anxiety, inflammation and pain. These issues are some of the common challenges that pet owners face. Most importantly, these products will not get pets high since they do not contain THC. Also, the Cannimal blog has a detailed post about dosage recommendations to make sure you are giving your pet the ideal amounts for optimal effectiveness.

Cannimal Key Features

Cannimal also puts their products in top-quality Miron glass bottles, which shows that they care very much about the quality of pet supplements they are creating.

Cannimal Notable Products

  • Everyday wellness
  • Relieve formula
  • Eva’s Cancer Support
  • Relax formula
  • Cannimal Gold CBD Oil Concentrate

Who Should Buy Cannimal Supplements?

Here are some of the instances where Cannimal pet supplements can be highly beneficial:

  • If your pets suffer from terminal conditions like cancer, then Cannimal supplements can help to boost their general quality of life.
  •  If your pets do not have a healthy appetite and are not feeding properly
  • Pets with chronic conditions such as arthritis that result in pain and inflammation can also benefit from Cannimal supplements
  • You can also treat itchy dog skin with Cannimal CBD Gold Concentrate.

The following are some notable reasons why Cannimal is highly recommended by all pet owners who try it out on their precious pets:

Cannimal Is Based On Extensive Scientific Research

Cannimal products are scientifically-sound supplements that are based on extensive research into how hemp-based CBD oil interacts with a pet’s endocannabinoid system. The ECS system is essential for the healthy functioning of a range of vital bodily functions, ranging from stress and anxiety management to pain and appetite control. Through activating the primary receptors in the ECS, the CBD oil, phytocannabinoids and other beneficial compounds found in Cannimal supplements can assist in managing multiple pet ailments.

Cannimal Is Not Marijuana For Pets

Many pet owners get alarmed by the phrase “marijuana for pets.” However, it is worth noting that Cannimal products right from the Everyday wellness, Relieve formula, Eva’s Cancer Support, Relax formula to the Gold CBD Oil Concentrate are all natural hemp-based items. Cannimal does not have any THC, but it includes plenty of other beneficial cannabinoids found in the hemp plants to give you that whole plant benefit. Thus,

Dosage Recommendations

Since the use of CBD for pets is a new trend, many people are not aware of how to correctly administer these products. Fortunately, administering Cannimal to your dogs or cats is quite straightforward. Besides the easy to follow instructions, the website also has a handy dosage recommendation section that provides some key guidelines. For instance, Cannimal recommends that you start with a low dosage and slowly increase it if you notice that it is not yet producing the required effects.

You can either mix the liquid Cannimal drops in your pet’s treats or give it to them directly. The benefit of Cannimal is that it has an excellent taste and your pet will not mind taking it directly without mixing with food. There are plenty of various flavours to suit all pets, including organic beef for Cannimal Relax or chicken flavour for the Everyday Wellness product.

Cannimal Summary

Whether you are looking to address canine cancer, tumours, arthritis or you want to stop your pet from constantly scratching themselves, Cannimal has the ideal product that you can use. Cannimal is so versatile that it can offer a wide range of relief to pets facing various conditions. Also, since it mainly works as a supplement, it doesn’t interfere with your pet’s routine. That makes administering dosages easier as well as providing the peace of mind that does not affect your pet’s current regimen.

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