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Canndescent: Virgin Cannabis Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect and Charge Orange Box Products

Jane S




Every brand provides a different cannabidiol experience. However, not all brands provide equal quality, purity, and effectiveness. Thus, if one is going to try a CBD supplement, then they might as well do so with the knowledge that they are using a brand that they can trust to provide the quality results that they are striving for. With that, this review would like to introduce a new high-end brand that may be able to deliver. Called Canndescent, this brand provides premium-grade products that men and women of all legal ages can count on.

About Canndescent

Canndescent describes itself as a brand that “cultivates cannabis products and develops premium brands that empower adults to maximize each moment and transform their lives.” The brand’s premium-grade products are bound to provide users with the experience they are striving for. Many of the products have been created using a prime extraction process and methods that users can feel good about. Further, the brand has grown in popularity and as a result, it’s been discussed by various news sources, including CNBC and Mashable. With this much attention, those who choose the brand can do so knowing that they’ve found one that may work well.

The Product Creation Process

The brand implements a unique method for creating its products. Dissimilar form most other brands on the market, Canndescent applies a method that first verifies the proprietary genetics of the brand. This process ensures that the cannabis used in the formulas is of the best quality available and features the mechanisms necessary for quality results.

Once the hemp has been chosen, it is planted and grown using the brand’s excellent methods. The methods include the use of purified water and organic pest management practices. This way, the end products are free from low-quality and harmful substances, such as pesticides, chemicals, and the like. This type of method lends itself to the overall quality of the end product, which is truly at its best. During the growth process, the brand customizes the environment by stage and strain.

Once the cannabis is grown, it is flushed, dried, and cured for over 30 days. This method also lends itself to the quality of the end product. Further, the cannabis is picked by stem, trimmed by hand, and the flower is not touched so as to not ruin any of its properties.

Finally, it is packaged in ATSM CPSC child-resistant glass to maintain freshness and to preserve the structure and quality of the product. Such methods safeguard the overall quality and effectiveness of the formulas.

About Canndescent Products

There are a number of high-end products available on the Canndescent website. With all of the options available, men and women are bound to find products that work well for their needs and that are able to meet their expectations.

  • The Orange Box

    The Canndescent Orange Box features a number of the brand’s formulas that users can integrate into their lifestyle. A few of the main options in this box include Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect, and Charge. Each of these options feature 1/8 ounces of the substance and they can be used easily and quickly for optimal delivery.

  • Premium Pre-Rolls

    The brand also offers a range of premium-grade pre-rolls that are made out of the brands ultra-premium flowers. The product is available individually or in 5-efect fights. Like in the orange box, this product comes in the range of options, which include Calm, Cruise, Create. Connect, and Charge. The rolls are very easy to integrate into one’s lifestyle as well.

These are the two main product options offered by the brand. With their qualities, men and women of all legal ages are bound to experience the full relief that they are striving for.

Canndescent Review Summary

Overall, those who are interested in learning more about Canndescent and its product options can do so through the brand’s website. The brand may also be available at certain retailers, which are listed on the website as well.

Jane is a regular contributor who learned about the great benefits of CBD a few years ago after starting it herself. Impressed by its effects, she's interested in helping others learn about options that can be helpful for them.

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