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Cannabis Millionaire Trader: Marijuana CFD Investment App Scam?

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cannabis millionaire trader

As we continue to witness the expansion of the cannabidiol (CBD) market, many investors are waiting for the right time to make investments. Given its infancy stages, many trusts that gains can easily be made as countries gradually accept its uses for health purposes. An interesting investment strategy has recently been shared via the Cannabis Millionaire App and its none other than the contract for differences (CFDs).

As per the claims made by the Cannabis Millionaire App, investors can easily make gains within hours of joining. Their supposed reason for choosing CFDs is its lack of limitations. To assess the overall value Cannabis Millionaire App has for investors, the following piece will explore many of its facets.

What is the Cannabis Millionaire App?

As per the proclaimed CEO of Cannabis Millionaire App, Dr. Petter, the aim behind this application is to help investors make gains amidst the growing CBD market. He argues that growth along with the exposure CBD has received is sure to bring big gains for related firms, and if investors invest, them as well.

He further notes that the use of CFD, or as previously mentioned, ‘contract for differences’ was an investment tool that was chosen to best reflect the needs of investors (more on CFDs will follow shortly).

What Areas does the Cannabis Millionaire App Fall Short on?

While the idea of making gains is desirable for many, sound evidence is needed to convince investors, and this is something the Cannabis Millionaire App falls short on. As seen on their website, investors are advised to watch an uploaded video, create an account and the gains are said to come pouring.

Unfortunately, the video is not as educative, as it only offers different news coverage of the gains made in the past, without mention of the losses the same firms made. Their continuous attempt in highlighting only the good is concerning.

Another area that makes them skeptical is the only existing evidence of growth experienced by firms that they’ve provided. For instance, Cronos Group’s – a firm specializing in the cannabis industry – growth was provided as their first example. Unfortunately, their stock fluctuations do not match what’s seen in NASDAQ. Furthermore, the company was originally founded in 2016, but according to the image provided by the Cannabis Millionaire App, the firm was existing since 2010. This is clearly a sign of false advertising.

The Cannabis Millionaire App is supposedly “deadly accurate (99.7%),” this is too strong of a claim, as predictions are merely set as guidelines and shouldn’t always be completed trusted due to human error. Mention on their source of technology is also questionable as details about the technology have been kept undisclosed.

Cannabis Millionaire Trader Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that CFD is a convenient investment strategy, as the difference between a stock’s opening and closing prices are normally paid out to the investor. It is also a great opportunity to leverage one’s trading without risking too many funds. Moreover, investors can leave or enter as they please, hence flexibility is on par. All this being said, whether the Cannabis Millionaire App is a reliable trading app is doubtable.

First, their claims appear to be too good to be true. Second, the supposed and only evidence provided of cannabis-related firms’ stock markets appear to be fake when compared to market fluctuations seen in NASDAQ. Next, details on how the app works are lacking, as more emphasis was placed on the fact that gains can be made. Interestingly, there are apparently no fees attached, however, this has been deemed false, as many who have since reviewed the Cannabis Millionaire App noted that the fees are staggering.

Finally, the lack of proper details makes the app less reliable. All factors appear to denounce the Cannabis Millionaire App as a potential money-grabbing scheme. To see it for yourself, go to:

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