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CannaBake Box: Monthly Essential Cannabis Smoker Products Subscription Service?

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cannabake box

CannaBake brings a whole new level to the subscription box space. You are more than likely familiar with subscription boxes delivered right to your home month after month, right? Well, what if you were able to do so with quality cannabis products too? To some degree, one of the most discreet ways to gain access to products you may not have purchased otherwise.

Although cannabis, CBD, hemp and other familiar products are becoming more common among society, there is still a level of privacy involved without question. And so, CannaBake box has eliminated this issue and ships products to you within 24 hours.

CannaBake Products

Smokers Box

In the event that you are a smoker or ‘would like to be’, there is a box designed just for that. It comes with all the essentials that you would need to partake in this and ships as low as $21.95 per month. This box is called the Smokers Essential. The website describes that this particular box, comes with 3-7 essentials each month sent to you directly.

There are images of previous boxes available on the website to help give you an idea of products included.

The BakeBox

In case smoking isn’t something you wish to take part in, CannaBake also offers their BakeBox. This subscription box contains all things edible. This box is available for $36.00 per month and like the Smokers Box, there are images available to view based on previous boxes subscribers have received.

These boxes are a great opportunity to sample a variety of products the company has to offer before deciding on your regular shipment box for example.

Each box contains products that are grown and made in the United States and they have been featured in a number of publications like Business Insider, Cannabis New and others.

Variety of Boxes Available at CannaBake

In addition to the sample boxes mentioned above, CannaBake offers three (3) different options for their regular subscribers. There are plans that range from one (1) month to six (6) months.

The longer the plan, the more affordable the box. Having said that however, even the one (1) month plan starts at only $29.00 + shipping. Subscription boxes can be cancelled at any time with their three (3) month plan for $26.00 + shipping per month the most popular.

This box includes 5-9 essentials that you will need (and want) plus CannaBake gear. At the time of writing this article, the January boxes are already 11% sold out. Based on their website, it would appear that these boxes sell out regularly and this is what makes the subscription option the right one.

Each CannaBake Box ships on the 20th of each calendar month.

How to Join CannaBake

To join this subscription program, upon visiting their website you would choose your membership plan and each month ‘you will receive a CannaBake Box shipped directly to your door monthly for $36.00. On a three (3) month plan the costs are $99.00 giving you a savings of $9.00 and on the six (6) month plan for $180.00 you are saving $36.00 – literally the cost of a box for free!

Financially Benefits

Since CannaBox has garnered a wide range of attention, they do offer an affiliate program to help their subscribers and now affiliates earn an income by sharing these products with their friends and/or family. Chances are you are sharing them anyways, so why not benefit from doing so!

Each time you share the unique link that is provided to you by CannaBake you have the opportunity to earn $5.00 each time your friend makes a purchase. And, by signing up for this you are also eligible for a 10% savings on your order.

Have any other questions? Definitely contact their customer support line or visit their blog.

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