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Aura CBD Oil: Organic Terpene-Rich Cannabidiol Oil, Paste, Balms and Edibles?

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Aura CBD Oil: Organic Terpene-Rich Cannabidiol Oil, Paste, Balms and Edibles?

CBD is undeniably one of the trending health supplements today. That is likely because of the numerous health benefits of this natural oil that have been proven in many clinical studies. However, this rise in popularity has led to the establishment of many CBD oil stores to serve this massive demand. Here is a review of the Aura CBD Oil UK store to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

About Aura CBD Oil UK

Aura Lakshmi is the founder of Aura CBD Oil UK and the central vision for setting up her CBD store was based on the idea that people can naturally enhance their wellbeing. The store was set up in 2013, and till now the founder continues to dedicate herself to creating high-grade, full-spectrum, organic CBD products including oils, skin balms, edibles and paste. Years later, the Aura CBD Oil store is a highly successful business that sells top-class products and has a vibrant online community.

Aura CBD Organic Terpene-Rich Products

Here are some of the main CBD products available on the Aura CBD Oil store:

Aura CBD Skin Balm

Scientific studies have shown that cannabidiol is excellent for joint pain, arthritis, and muscle soreness, along with a range of skin issues like eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. Applying CBD balm can be used for also speeding up the recovery process after an injury and keeping the skin healthy and clear. It is therefore refreshing to see more CBD manufacturers creating skin balms, and this particular one from the Aura store is merely outstanding.

Aura CBD skin balm features only the highest quality, organic ingredients that include coconut oil, cannabis terpenes, cacao butter and high amounts of CBD. Besides offering all the benefits mentioned above of applying CBD on your skin, the skin balm also has a lovely smell, and you might even be tempted to eat it. It is also among the only CBD skin balms available in the country that is ideal for vegans.

Aura Edibles

On the edibles side, Aura features a tasty collection that includes CBD raw chocolate and the delicious turmeric plus, MCT cannabis butter. These edibles are the perfect and safe supplement that the entire family can use, including children. They are made with full-spectrum, organic and whole plant ingredients, which makes them especially beneficial in the following areas: epilepsy, anxiety, sleep issues, and pain and inflammation.

Aura CBD Oil And Paste

Aura also has customized raw CBD oil tinctures for sale on its site. As mentioned above, they only use full spectrum extracts to process these oils, thus creating oils that are more helpful to the body due to the entourage effect. If you want higher CBD content per serving, then you can choose to get the Aura CBD paste as it contains a higher concentration as it is not diluted inside any carrier oils.

Aura CBD Oil Main Features

Aura has managed to develop a very loyal consumer base since their products work more effectively compared to similar products because of the following reasons:

  • The entire range of CBD products is made using the whole plant, full spectrum, organic plant extracts that are sourced from Europe.
  • The carrier oil used to process CBD oil is certified organic, high-quality hemp seed oil.
  • The skin products and edibles, like the skin balm, butter, and chocolates, are all manufactured using certified natural, fresh ingredients.
  • The whole product range is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.
  • Also, since the firm is committed to ensuring that everyone has access to potent, natural and real CBD extracts, the products are reasonably priced.

A notable feature that stands out when dealing with the Aura CBD Oil UK store is the fact that all clients, whether wholesale or retail, get a friendly, personal service. There is a free phone consultation available so that you can ask any pressing questions or get clarifications before placing your order.

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