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Arcanum Edge: Athletes’ Activated Hemp CBD Sports Massage Oils and Gel?

Michael R



arcanum edge

Companies within the growing CBD industry often suffer from a problem of not being descript enough with the potential applications of CBD. Part of this trend is out of necessity; FDA regulations prevent companies from claiming that CBD can actually fix any medicinal problems. But even so, it creates a significant issue for some consumers who would like to know precisely what they should use a given CBD product for.

Arcanum Edge is not a company that suffers from this problem. From the very onset of their website, Arcanum is very much clear about the nature of their product—and about the ways that athletes could benefit from using it. Arcanum Edge produces a CBD product they refer to as “activated hemp.” with a deep scientific explanation of how hemp’s activation can help athletes take advantage of the chemical to up their game and make their body work more efficiently and recover more effectively.

But there is heavy contention within the scientific community concerning whether or not “activated hemp” is an effective way to increase athletic competitiveness. Additionally, if the product were truly found to be an aide to effectiveness, it would likely warrant a ban from some of the main sports that its users would want to ingest it for assistance in. As a consequence, there seems to be an application and effectiveness issue with the product, as true effectiveness would likely prevent it from being used at all.

Still, the Arcanum Edge site does an incredible job at educating and explaining their product to potential consumers and visitors. Several pages dedicated to outlining the science, lab tests, and frequently asked questions about their hemp-based product help consumers to remain as informed as they can possibly be on the product that they might be interested in trying.

This guide should serve as one of many resources used by a CBD and hemp user looking to give Arcanum’s “activated hemp” product a shot. It should not, however, be the only source of information. Dietary supplements exist in legal grey areas and are largely unexplored by much of the medical and scientific communities. As a result, readers should conduct their own research into Arcanum and their products before making any purchase or integrating their products into an existing dietary supplement regimen.

The Science

Like many products dealing with supplemental substances, Arcanum’s hemp-based product is explained in terms of vague scientific proofs and explanations. Their “the science” section even begins with a quote on progress from Thomas Edison. The main argument behind the success of the project has to do with the activation of the hemp within the cannaboids and “other healing ingredients” inside the product.

When the cannabis is heated to significant temperatures, it becomes more effective within the body and its “bioavailability increases,” according to the scientists behind Arcanum Edge. The site also suggests that studies have consistently found that CBD, when activated, allows the body’s cells to communicate faster, healing and expending energy at rates which would otherwise not be likely.

Cannaboids are naturally-occurring within the body, too. But it only creates enough to maintain homeostasis, and never enough of the incredible substance to be useful for the purposes that many CBD users are interested in. But through the use of additional supplements of activated hemp, Arcanum Edge contends that their product can help to supercharge cells within the body through the use of the very same cannaboids that the body uses naturally.

The Athletes

Another interesting component of the case made by Arcanum Edge for activated hemp is their list of participating athletes. For the most part, their representative is a bikini competitor and strongman competitor called Mandy Martin. Mandy’s story explains that she experienced significant pain from spending all day as a bartender and then lifting weights for hours at a time. According to Martin, she was relieved of her pain often by the use of activated hemp products by Arcanum Edge.

The other competitors listed on the Arcanum Edge website are largely the same. Clearly, their product is mainly marketed towards strongmen and competitive bodybuilders. This is a good clue for consumers looking to apply the solution to their own life.

Arcanum Reviews

For the most part, Arcanum does not have a significant number of reviews online. Their reviews from athletes using the product, though, are clearly positive. Consumers should extensively research online before making the decision to purchase activated hemp-based products by Arcanum Edge.

Michael is a freelance writer with several years of experience in writing of all kinds. From the uber-technical to the more relaxed, he is well-versed in a variety of styles. Lately, his work has been primarily focused on the CBD industry—a market with which he has a particular background and interest. Michael has an extensive interest and experience in legal research for the CBD market, and he has a knack for well-researched pieces and guides for the growing CBD and medicinal cannabis community.

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